Roommate issues


I’ve got roommate problems. Two girls, best friends, moved in at the beginning of August. Girl A is fine. Girl B gets drunk and wakes me up on a regular basis (9 times in the last two months). I guess I am a fairly light sleeper, which compounds the problem, but she will have people over and start singing or turn on her stereo at 4am, which wakes me up every time. I have tried to ask her many times either during the night or the next morning to keep it down, to no avail. This last time she told me where to go in no uncertain terms. I think it is time for her to go, and I imagine her friend will want to go with her, though I have no quarrel with her.

I rent the apartment from my landlord, and only my name is on the lease. However, and I don’t know if this is relevant, my lease officially expired a couple of months ago. It has continued on without any discussion of the matter (my landlord is pretty cool). After realizing that talking to her wasn’t doing the trick, I called the police to ask what I could do. They suggested that I go through the landlord. However, I don’t imagine that he has dealt with this kind of problem before.

Whaddya think? What can/should I do? I’m gonna talk to the landlord this evening, but I’d like to have a solution in place, if possible.

Thanks. I’m gonna try and sleep now.

My opinion: Kick her out mate! If her friend goes with her, so be it. Are you gonna take this shit just to make your drunk room mate’s friend happy? What about you? Sometimes, and just sometimes, one has to be selfish and say “screw 'em all!”

No smart solution for this one I’m afraid. Either she abides by the rules of common courtesy or she goes. A simple ultimatum is perhaps what she needs.

I admire your patience mate!

I don’t really know how leases work legally in Taiwan, so I only have my experience with California law to go by. With that caveat… If your lease expired, you have probably reverted to a month-by-month lease, with the original lease agreement in effect except for the minimum term. Your roommate’s situation is a bit different. She could either be subletting from you, in which case you are responsible for whether she stays or goes, or she could be considered a separate tenant of your landlord’s in which case it is the landlord’s problem. If there is no formal agreement between the tenant and either you or the landlord, then you have to look at any informal agreements to figure out the relationship. Does she pay you the rent, or does she pay the landlord, that is probably the biggest indicator. If you are the one who offered the room, and she pays you the rent, then you should be the one that she has the rental agreement with. If so, I would suggest you give her notice that her lease is up in 30 days. Give her written notice and don’t give any reason, to avoid any quibbling over the issue. Again, this is based on CA law, but you can generally give 30 days notice on a month-to-month lease without cause.

The only thing that matters is the who’s name is on the lease.

I know this because until recently I lived with my Taiwanese gf but when we broke up I had to move out even though I had paid the deposit, the rent for 8 months and most utility bills. The landlord was not happy about this as we got on well together but there was nothing he could do. The lease was in her name so I had to go. Yeah, I know I was a fool to let her put her name on the lease, but… :fume:

So, your name is on the lease so its your apartment. End of story. My advice is that to speak with you landlord and get him on your side. Maybe you can ask him to give you a new lease. Then as stan said “Kick her out mate! If her friend goes with her, so be it”

I hope it works out…

Thanks for your prompt replies.

Yeah, I think that I have been patient too. In her apology letter slipped under my door this morning, Roommate B said that she was “trying her best” and that I am “a hard person to reason with.”

I’ve decided to go with the carrot/stick. The carrot was a nicely worded email this morning (if I had spoken to her, it would have been hard for her to understand my point as I would be wringing her neck). The email says that I can’t put up with it anymore and I think it would be better if she left. I even offered to help her find a new place. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be speaking to the landlord this evening.

I’ll keep you posted.

Worst case, wait until they’re both out of the apartment for a couple of hours, and change the locks.

Get a new gaff and leave them to fight the bit out.

I agree with everyone else so far - kick the bitch to the curb. I’ve put up with this kind of shit back home as well, with some extra annoying features on top of that. Eventually her friend (and out fellow roommate) and I just told her to get the fuck out. In those exact words, if I remember right. You’re paying for the place just like she is, you’ve got just as much right to comfort there as she does. Your name is on the lease, so what’s she going to do if you just boot her out? Screw her.

Everyone is right. If your alcoholic roommate doesn’t like it who gives a crap. She has made your life a living hell! It’s time to think about yourself. This isn’t selfish, it’s reality. Good luck.

i would expect your landlord won’t be interested in taking any action. you sublet the rooms, you take care of any aggravation.

however you hold all the cards there, assuming nothing was signed, which i’m sure is the case. tell her to be out by the end of the month or her stuff will be in the hall. then ask if she wants to reason with you.

According to my landlord, I am in effect subletting the place to them. He said that if they don’t listen to me, he’ll make sure they leave (I told you he was cool).

Roommate A (the good one) has been completely understanding so far. Roommate B has yet to respond. She read my politely worded email last night, but was in bed when I came home, and left for work early this morning. I am expecting some sort of reaction this evening. With luck, it will be a reasonable, mature one.

More to come.

“I am expecting some sort of reaction this evening. With luck, it will be a reasonable, mature one.”

This could work, but… if she was reasonably mature, would she be blasting her music at 4 am?

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to involve the landlord at all. You are the leaseholder.

Just tell her that she has 2 weeks to leave. Advertise the room and start letting other people in to look at it. If she still hasn’t gone, throw her stuff int he stairwell and change the locks. Easy.


Might be just what she needs! :smiley: