Hi all,

Anybody know if there are foreigners renting rooms out in the area Tianmu, shillinTaipei. There are couple hotels through (booking, airbnb and hostelworld) in that area. But a former bagpacker like me, would love to keep it simple. Rent a room with shower is enough.
For people who read my carseat request before. Yes I go with family to Taidong first, but will stay after that alone in Taipei to do some art.

Any recommendations are welcome, xie xie.

What’s wrong with Airbnb?

Hi, quick reply.

Nothing wrong with airbnb, but only one spot and to luxurious for one bagpacker. I tried couch renting also.

There’s great international hostel Taipei in the Xiandian district. Sorry I can’t find the Google info at the moment. When I do, will post.

Thank you, I check that out also.

Ok so that’s a no? Just checking.

If you provide some more info, you might get more replies.

How long do you stay?
How many people? [Oh this you mentioned]

What is your budget, do you prefer thecheapest?
What is your expectation to the room? Can it be dirty by typical western standard?
Should it be in tianmu/shilin area, or taipei/new taipei is ok?


You don’t have to be in Tienmu, Shillin area. The city is well connected by pubic transportation and if you are looking for less ‘luxurious’ places you should broaden your area search on Airbnb instead of limiting to Tienmu vicinity. Lots of very cheap places well connected by metro. Airbnb is still your best option for short term rental.

Couch surfing and lots of hostels to choose from.

It’s too awkward for short term visitors I think. There’s a bunch of hostels all around Taipei city I believe.

I’m sorry, a what?


He means ballpacker …Eh sorry Begpacker :sunglasses:

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Wonder if he knows his name is speled wrong…

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That was bugging me as well. I mean bagging me.


A bagpacker. Someone who packs bags. They used to have them in some US supermarkets.


At least he isn’t a begpacker.

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hahaaaa…im a baghoddlller…Thanks all for amazing information. I have budget but just dont like luxerious staying. I will stay near by shillin market and take mrt to tianmu area. Going to enjoy taipei art scene…

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it was a yes …love hostel lots backpackers

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so, you already found a place, right?

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