Root Xperia Pro and recommend any tech shops?

Has anyone had any luck rooting an Xperia (pro)?

I have followed the instructions on the XDA forum, and for some reason the kernel stuff (Flashtool) is working fine, but the DoomsLord scrips always ends with a “superuser not copied” error

I have gone though the instructions with a fine comb, and have made many attempts, still no luck.

This morning i went to GuangHua to get it done by a technician,damn…they only do Iphones…went to about 10 different boots, they all refused!

After having failed in finding a technician who would root my xperia pro with locked bootloader, I decided to unlock the bootloader and then follow this tutorial:

I now have my xperia pro running on Ice Cream Sandwich - rooted.

The benefit…managed to delete about 110 mb of useless bloatware which were installed as system apps (not bad considering the XP only has about 470 internal memory), plus I can use Titanium backup.

Step two…play around with some of the custom kernels and ROMS that are available (Jelly Bean mods)