Round island Ride


I will be doing a trip around the island next week(if the weather permits, so no rain). The planned itinerary is

TP - Hualien City
Hualien City - Kending
Kending - Tainan
Tainan - TP

The route TP - Hualien I am familiar with, but the others ones I never done on a bike. Are they doable in one day, and any tips on which route to take if there are more than one option ?

I prefer roads that are not too curvy nor too many traffic lights. Lack of speed cameras is also a big plus.




Good luck !


Sorry, I am doing it on motorcycle. Some on the routes in the bike route 1 I know are not super good with motorcycle, too curvy and you can’t drive that fast.


There are 2 links
The first is the bike road
The second is the Provincial Highway 1, the main road from North to South, more suitable for motorcycle riding


Hope this helps.

Taipei - Hualien

Can ride 2 routes. I’ve done both on big motorcycle multiple times. Either way is a long day coming from Taipei. Start early. Rest along the way. Don’t go if weather is bad, it’s dangerous, and better to enjoy ride and view with good weather. By the time you reach Hualien, you’ll be dying for a hotel so have it ready for you when arriving.

  1. along the coast past Suao. Will already by tired by the time you reach Suao. Lot’s of trucks trying to kill you along the coast. Just stay away from them. Stop often for pictures which people in cars can never do.

  2. through the mountains past Wuling Farm, Lishan, and down through Taroko. Beautiful, few vehicles. Not many places for food, so stock up and hit 7/11.

Hualien - Kending

-Beautiful ride on Highway 11 along the coast to Taitung. Not much traffic, not many trucks.

-Taitung going south on Highway 9 along the coast, not so great but some decent views. After you start going up into the mountains on turn on 199 for beautiful scenic ride through mountains. Little traffic. They have choice of 199 to 26 on into Kenting via Hengchen where you’ll eventually be on big roads again, or 199 to 26 to 200 which is more scenic. Departing Kending going to west coast will go through Hengchen anyway so no need to do it twice.

Kending - Tainan

So many routes. Take your pick on roads and sights. To avoid competing with traffic, go through Pingtung county area.

Tainan - Taipei

So many routes. Take your pick on roads on sights. Mountain side or ocean side. Up through Chiayi county into Changhua is interesting. Highway 3 starting on east side of Taichung all the way north is very popular for motorcycles.


Su-ao to hualien, do you know if I can take the new express way ? Or does bike need to do the clif/coast road ?


Have not rode since new tunnel open, but I would ride the coast road every time anyway. Beautiful and worth the ride on a motorcycle.


No, it’s not open to bikes.