Round island train trip?

My brother and his girlfriend are visiting Taiwan and would like to take a round island train trip next week…I heard there is a train ticket you can buy where you can hop off and on at various points…does anyone have any information about this? Thank you!:slight_smile:

Ooh, I used this a few years back…

It’s technically only available to students, but my friend got one without a card (we were young, and looked it).

It’s a fairly decent ticket, but I think there are probably nicer ways to see the countryside (at least on the east coast, since it’s all through tunnels there). It was more convenient when they had the 14/21 day passes, since then you could hop off the train and bus it into the mountains for a two-day stay and then come back out (now the max they seem to have is a 10-day pass… boo. Much cheaper though, and cheap enough that youc an just buy another I guess.) … 18b40b8980

Here’s the link I found.

Almost harvest season. ‘Rice paddies in full Bloom’ East rift valley looking a stunning fresh green! Great time to do a train journey with a bike rental in Yuli.

Can’t you rent a car? That would probably be more fun and comfortable.