Round the world tickets

Contemplating visiting both Europe and N America this summer, and thinking that a RWT might be the best bet. I’ve looked into this beforem though, with Taiwan travel agents, and the best they seems to have available is what is described as a huan qiu piao. Sounds like RWT, I know, but actually it’s quite different.

With a RWT you have flexibility to take any flight of the two partner carriers. You can go wherever you want (within pre-specified continents or regions), booking flights as you go, as long as you don’t exceed a certain number of flights (or maybe a certain mileage?) and don’t travel backwards towards your point of origin. Globetrotting types buy them and take like a whole year travelling around the world.

The huan qiu piao offered was a ticket with three or four pre-booked flights which allow yuo to circle the globe. No flexibility.

Does anyone know if what I’m describing as a RWT is available in Taiwan at all?

No idea, but try emailing these guy’s, they might be able to help or at least give you clear answers.

Thanks, I’ll try them!

If you’re buying an RTW why not get one out of Hong Kong? They do real RTW tickets and at decent prices. Well worth the pittance it will take you to fly there, and you might even get the HK travel agent to do the TPE-HKG leg for nowt. (e.g. Cathay might do it for nothing)

Thanks Bodie/Doyle! Would I be able to order a ticket from HK and pay for it here? Can you recommend an agency?