Round trip scheme

Does anyone know what the Taiwan authorities say about my scheme:
I am coming on a round-trip ticket that says “maximum 30 days stay” but I have 3 months papers from the Chinese language school which I am planning to extend to 6 months on the spot.
My point is - will I be granted entrance into the country at the airport with the aforementioned air ticket? Meaning I’d forego the ticket and buy a new one in 6 months.
Thanks in advance.

What kind of visa do you have?


This will be a visitor visa (either 30 or 60 days).

Easily your best bet is the 60 day visa. With the school papers, that shoudln’t be a problem. Even without the papers, 60-day visas are common in many Western cities.

With that visa you can get into the country, no matter what your return trip ticket is.

Once you are here, you won’t be able to extend up to 60 dyas straight away. Basically if you have a 60 day non-extendable, you can get it changed (through your language school) to 60 day extendable. This is even possible with a 30 day. Of course 60 day extendable is best. But you’ll still be on just 60 days. Then with the school papers you go down to the police station when that’s nearly up, and they’ll extend it for another 30 days at a private language school, or 60 days for a university. Bothe of these will be up to a maximum of 6 months total stay, after which you’ll have to leave Taiwan or go to HK or somewhere for the weekend.


Thanks a ton, Sir Donald Bradman!