Rove beetles? … 2003570238

never heard of such a thing in all my years of living in Taiwan, but this certainly seems like a very very dangerous little bug

I’ve seen a few pictures of people who have come in contact with them. The marks they leave are pretty nasty and just as painful. The worst thing is that they are so small.

It was a slow news day yesterday.

A pal of mine recently slapped a rove beetle that crawled onto his face while he was sleeping, and the result is very nasty I assure you. Don’t crush them on your skin or you will definitely regret it!

sometimes when hiking i get a stinging sensation. very painful, first couple times i got it i thought snake bite. now i know its not and it disappears after about 1-2 weeks. i dont react normally much to animal toxins, bees barely leave a red dot, and i am wondering if maybe it is these i am finding? they cause blisters, but nothing like what google shows (gross). anyway to identify if its these over say ants or plant poisons?

Had them a lot in 'Nam. Their blood is a neurotoxin, so avoid squashing them. They tend to come in swarms when breeding. Black and red nasties! :no-no:

I wonder if the VC used them for torture?

Naa- the Namese would just eat them- good protein!