Rowing in Taipei

Does anyone know where I can join a Rowing Club in Taipei? I’m not talking about Dragon Boat but more interested in sculling. I would prefer a single but will settle for a partner and row doubles. Not interested in competitions or rowing in a quad. Too short to keep up with the rest of the crew for a quad.

Rose :slight_smile:

Hi Tiffany,

No I didn’t actually find a rowing club but I did find a sailing club that I joined instead. Sorry this isn’t much help, let me know if you have any luck :slight_smile:


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This may escape your memory, but you posted on this forum in 2003 about
rowing in Taipei, and I was wondering if you ever found a rowing club here.

There’s a whole bunch of boats of the kind you’re interested in on racks beneath the formerly red, now tan-colored bridge across the river near the Songshan airport (behind it, near the big fountain and the bike paths) and lots of people launch them there and row about there. Here’s what the bridge looks like:

That’s also a major dragonboat spectator area, but I’m certain there are a couple dozen sculls, canoes, etc., sitting there beneath the bridge and I’ve often seen them in use. If you go down there on a Saturday or Sunday morning about 8 am or so, I’d bet you can find someone to give you more specific info.