Roxy 88 / Stage?

So I searched before I posted this and found some confusing news. “Roxy 88” mutates into “Roxy Stage” and then mutates into - nothing? Now it is gone? Or did I misread something? :astonished:

Friday edition of the China Post still lists it, I think. But that doesn’t mean much. They listed a pub in Panchiao for another year after it was gone… :slight_smile: So, what happened to 88? And if it’s gone, where can one go to listen to some live jazz?


Brown Sugar over in the east end (Xinyi district).

Roxy Stage is still alive.
Addy is: #161 Sec. 1 Jianguo Rd. Tel: 2731-9629

OK, this is good news! :slight_smile:
So they do have live Jazz there? Is there a cover-charge?



When I went, yes there was live jazz, and no there was no cover charge.

Also another good place to go is Blue Note (台北市羅斯福路三段171號4樓 - 4F, 171 Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 3, near Taipower MRT).