RPG in Taipei?

Would love to join a group playing anything(!!!). I am 100% reliable and reasonably experienced(!!)

Otherwise, I would also be really interested in starting a group! No particular system- probably a home-grown one unless someone has books/strong preferences/both!

I’m in Hsin Yi and have a good place to host.

If you haven’t played before, but are interested in Lord of the Rings type stuff, speak excellent English (exceptions made for Australians), are very reliable and like the idea of sitting down with four or five other people for a few hours once a week playing a conversation based game- Get in touch!


I have the 3rd Ed D&D core rules - would be great to get a group together. I think there are a few others that would be interested as well.

Do you prefer to DM or play, FSBDavy?

Good lord, I thought he meant rocket-propelled grenades! :laughing: :blush: :loco:

Well, as for the last poster, I do intend to buy a 203 for my M4 (120 spring) which might not count, but is as close as I’ll ever get!

And to Mythrandore, I love both! No kidding, I’ll play any class or DM equally happily, and though I haven’t played 3ed yet, it wouldn’t take me long to get up to speed on either side of the fence what with me being such a geek! :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

PS- mythrandore.mine.nu/ lookup fail?

3/3.5 Ed is fast and violent. I rike it…I rike it a rot. :thumbsup:

Well, I’m free on Saturday… my place is free… so long as you don’t mind a spartan existance (just moved in - no, I don’t want to buy second hand junk), and if you’re close to 101 building - dead easy to get to (green 1 or brown 7 bus ) from there.

As for the webpage, it was hosted on my PC. Reinstalling M$ windoze meant that it all went west, until I get around to re-installing the server again.