RSS feeds don't work in NetNewsWire 3.2.7 - can I fix this?

Forumosa’s RSS feeds don’t update in NetNewsWIre 3.2.7, although they do update in an earlier version (3.1.7). The feeds don’t update at all in NetNewsWire on my iPhone.

This seems to be a problem with NetNewsWire rather than Forumosa, but does anyone know of a way around this issue?

(Or should this be in the Tech forum anyway?)

Thanks in advance.

(General comments on RSS: the feeds here used to just show me the most recent post in a thread, rather than all unread posts, and that was annoying; recently I started getting every post again, which was a welcome improvement. Now I’m getting no updates at all. However, in the past few weeks I’ve got a new computer, I’ve upgraded NetNewsWire, and Forumosa went through an update, and I have absolutely no idea which issue changed when.)