Rubberbands kill dogs in Taichung

Just now on the news: A group of dogs (puppies) found with rubberbands around their necks. Some of them all ready died, some of them rescued. After the rubberbands have been taken off, you could actually hear how hard the dogs are breathing. Shit, this pisses me off! :fume:


We are currently caring for two dogs who suffered the same abuse.

Let the idiots who do this kind of thing see how it feels, I say.

my heart is crying

The wonderful dog in the first picture is Apache. He is by far the sweetest dog we have ever had in our care. You will never meet a nicer dog.

We just hope we can find him a loving home soon, as he really doesn’t thrive in the competitiveness inherent in a large pack such as ours. He wheezes when the weather is hot, as the band cut into his windpipe, and he has to be careful not to overheat as he can’t pant very effectively.

Hoping upon hope that this gorgeous fella will meet his life guardian soon … :pray:

who is doing such a cruel thing and why?

They can also get rubber bands over their heads by eating from discarded lunch boxes with rubber bands around them.

True, but the bands we took off were very thick - nothing like the lunchbox type. Plus, it would be very difficult to get a band all the way over their snout and ears without there being some deliberate force to help it along its way.

I’m guessing it’s kids - maybe theyr need to see the pics to see just what cruelty they are performing on these poor dogs. The pics of Apache when we rescued him are absolutely horrific.

This story I saw on the news happened in Taichung. My guess is also kids, as the dogs were still very young.

God save the kid I see doing this to some poor pup.

So that’s what it is… I saw a dog with wounds like this last week and couldn’t really understand how she’d sustained them.

I wish it was just kids…I was helping the lady who looks after the strays outside my house yesterday. We clipped the claws on a few strays. One of them is missing a claw altogether on a front paw. I asked if she knew why…

About a year ago, she caught this man lacerating this puppy with a kitchen knife. There are still a few scars visible through the furr. This guy chopped off a whole “finger” off the poor puppy and he also sliced its front leg a few times. The puppy was about 3 months old at the time. Had she not been there, the guy would have killed the pup or it would have bled to death.

The lady ended up beating the man with a broom stick. :bravo: Too bad it wasn’t a baseball bat.

To answer EddieG’s question/comment, yes, that’s what it is. It’s quite common. 4 cases like this in Kaohsiung in the last few months. Most of these poor dogs are really hard to catch too as they become scared of people. I would run too…:s

Astonishing really what cruelty is inflicted upon animals here.

I wish it was just kids…[/quote]True enough… But I’d have to size the fellow up before I jump him. :help: Or call StrayDog and the Doggie Bunch to be my posse… à la Michael Jackson’s Bad video.

Cutting up a dog… what kind of ridiculous past-time is that? We got a dog about a year back who had a huge gash on her rear leg, with a heap of meat exposed. After the doc operated he said it was DEFINITELY a knife wound. I mean, what the hell? Someone practicing a knife-throwing act for the circus or something? Was juggling swords and lost control of one of them? A chef mistook the dog for a fillet steak? I just don’t see how it could happen.

Taiwan - Happy Home of Pets :unamused:

Taiwan - Happy Home of Pets :unamused:[/quote]

Sometimes I just think all animals should be put down here to spare them the suffering - not that that’s a sensible idea I know…

personally I think all the people here should be put down to spare the animals from suffering… though I realise it’s not a practical idea either…

personally I think all the people here should be put down to spare the animals from suffering… though I realise it’s not a practical idea either…


Astonishing what cruelty is inflicted upon animals everywhere. I have seen kids and asshole adults do awful things to animals in Canada too. I don’t think it’s fair to slag just the Taiwanese for this. It’s human nature, sick human nature. There’s some real sick screwballs out there.

Take a look at the Sun sometimes – they’re amateurs on animal cruelty here compared to the Brits.