Rubbing Alcohol and Spray Starch?

Does anyone know where I can get them?

I like to iron my own shirts, cause here they tend to fold them and I don’t like the creases, make you look like you just bought one for the meeting. :help:

Rubbing alcohol – at any drug store or pharmacy.
Spray starch – Jason’s in Taipei 101, I think.

spray starch is also available at SUN MADE in Tienmu. I think I also saw it in CARREFOUR. But perhaps you should just tell the laundry people that you want your shirts on a hanger. (Simply bring one and point to it and then to your shirt if you do not know the words in Chinese) I am sure it works!!! :laughing:

Spray Starch - COSTCO got’s pallets of it - literally.
Rubbing Alcohol - This should be easy - you avg. local pharmacy/西藥房

If you want denatured alcohol, that’s another kettle of fish.