Rudy Needs a New Home!

Due to rabies being found here, we can no longer take our dog with us to NZ. She was due to fly out next month, but her import permit has been cancelled and we can’t meet the requirements for getting a new one. We fly home in a few weeks and are now frantically, reluctantly and sadly trying to find her a new home. If you, or anyone you know, wants an easy-going, good-natured, great with kids (our 8 month old is her best friend), spayed, vaccinated (including against rabies!), 16kg, 2.5 year old, long-haired Taiwan dog, please let me know and I will email though some pictures and we can arrange a meeting. Thank you!

So sorry to hear that. The frustrating thing is that it looks like the rabies ‘outbreak’ is limited to ferret badgers only. Do you have any photos online that we can help share, or perhaps a Facebook album?

That is awful. What are the new requirements? This worries me as I will be taking my cats with me abroad in the near future (not NZ).

Yes, and thanks, I will PM you back.

For NZ, she now needs a rabies Titre test, which has to be sent overseas, and a minimum of a 3 month stand down period after the test. The problem is that we leave in a few weeks. We were all set to go, and about to undertake the insane number of treatments and tests already required for NZ (all at very specific times) and now this has really stuffed us up!

Hopefully you won’t have too many issues?! NZ is particularly precious about what it will and won’t allow!

I just new that this news will cause many animals to suffer, mostly because of people precautions…:frowning: good luck!

Thanks. I have informed NZ of my thoughts on the situation! :slight_smile:

Still have the dog? What kind is it?