Rugby Fans, join our Super 14 Tipping Comp & win a keg party

Hi everyone,

I’d just like to invite you all to join our Super 14 tipping comp. Something we do at The Monkey and The Baboons to make the season a little more interesting. It’s free, and all you have to do is tip the winner of each game. The person with the most points wins a keg party for him and 19 mates (has to be claimed at the Monkey).

To join:

  1. Simply go to OZtips at:

  2. From the home page, select “I’m new and I want to tip”, and setup a user account (if you don’t already have one)

  3. Select “I want to join a Tipping Comp” on the home page, or the “Tipping” tab.

  4. Enter the Comp Number: 56245 and the Password: monkey.

That’s it! Go the Reds!


[color=red]Reds[/color]? :roflmao:

My Blood’s [color=green]GREEN[/color]! :rainbow:

I’m in Max!