Rugby Union: 2011 Six Nations

2011 Six Nations Round 1

France 34 - 21 Scotland - no surprise there.

Italy 11 - 13 Ireland - Big surprise here!

Wales 19 - 26 England - Pretty much what the general consensus was… :2cents:

Forumosa Rugby Club Log

Jimipresley wins the first Yellow Cap. :bravo: Overall, it really came down to margins as we all picked all three winners. The Irish result was the only real surprise and jimi got the England result exactly right (hence the YC and pole position) and I missed two results by a point or two (hence my second place standing).
That said, this was a fairly easy round to predict. I still have to watch all three games, but the following round may get trickier.

Superbru Pool Code: snagpave
Still four out of five rounds left. Come join jimi, Elf and myself for a bit of fun.

Round 2 Fixtures:
England v Italy (London)
Scotland v Wales (Edinburgh)
Ireland v France (Dublin)

2011 Six Nations log - Round 1

1 France 2
2 England 2
3 Ireland 2
4 Italy 0
5 Wales 0
6 Scotland 0

Some interesting stats for the next round to help your picks.
England v Italy (London)
No surprise that Italy has never beaten England. The average score in the last 12 tests between the two (1999-2010) is England 42 - 11 Italy. However, Italy is much improved and the last three results are:
Sun, 14 Feb 2010 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 17 - 12 Italy - Stadio Flaminio, Rome
Sat, 07 Feb 2009 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 36 - 11 Italy - Twickenham, London
Sun, 10 Feb 2008 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 23 - 19 Italy - Stadio Flaminio, Rome
However, although Italy has improved, so has England, and with the last 8 tests between the two at Twickenham (1991-2009) the average is England 47 - 11 Italy, with the last three tests in London being:
Sat, 07 Feb 2009 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 36 - 11 Italy
Sat, 10 Feb 2007 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 20 - 7 Italy
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 [color=#FF0000]England[/color] 39 - 7 Italy
Something like the above three tests seems more likely on Saturday. Cueto and Tindall should run riot again.

Scotland v Wales (Edinburgh)
In the last 12 tests Scotland beat Wales in 2007, 2003 and 2002. The average score in the last 12 is Scotland 20 - 26 Wales (2000-2010), so it’s been pretty tight overall and looks good for a resurgent Scotland (two good wins over Argentina last year and a surprise win over the Springboks) over a sad looking Wales. The last three:
Sat, 13 Feb 2010 Scotland 24 - 31 [color=#FF0000]Wales[/color] Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 Scotland 13 - 26 [color=#FF0000]Wales[/color] Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Sat, 09 Feb 2008 Scotland 15 - 30 [color=#FF0000]Wales[/color] Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
They’ve met 45 times at Murrayfield/Edinburgh (1883 - 2009) with Scotland winning 26, Wales 18 and one draw with an average score of Scotland 13 - 12 Wales. However, of the last three Scotland has 1 win to two losses (although Scotland has two and Wales two from the last four, but I’m only considering the last three):
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 Scotland 13 - 26 [color=#FF0000]Wales[/color]
Sat, 10 Feb 2007 [color=#000080]Scotland[/color] 21 - 9 Wales
Sun, 13 Mar 2005 Scotland 22 - 46 [color=#FF0000]Wales[/color]
In recent years, Wales has had the rub on Scotland, but at Murrayfield it’s been a lot closer. Both lost their last game, but Wales has eight losses on the trot now, so I reckon it will be a very tough close game with the Scots possibly pulling it off in the end. Hard one to call, at any rate.

Ireland v France (Dublin)
The last 12 between France and Ireland have been surprisingly one sided with Ireland only managing three wins in 2009, 2003 and 2001 with an average of France 29 - 18 Ireland (2001-2010). In the last three Ireland has managed one win in 2009:
Sat, 13 Feb 2010 Ireland 10 - 33 [color=#0000BF]France[/color] Stade de France, Paris
Sat, 07 Feb 2009 [color=#00BF00]Ireland[/color] 30 - 21 France Croke Park, Dublin
Sat, 09 Feb 2008 Ireland 21 - 26 [color=#0000BF]France[/color] Stade de France, Paris
That said, they’ll be playing at Landsdown Road and over the years (1909-2009) they’ve played there 36 times with Ireland winning 14, France 18 and 4 draws, with an average score of Ireland 12 - 14 France. The last three meetings in Dublin are also pretty much in France’s favour with two wins from 3:
Sat, 07 Feb 2009 [color=#008000]Ireland[/color] 30 - 21 France
Sun, 11 Feb 2007 Ireland 17 - 20 [color=#0000BF]France[/color]
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 Ireland 19 - 26 [color=#0000BF]France[/color]
France is coming off a good win against Scotland in Paris, and Ireland barely escaped with a narrow win in Rome over Italy. One would have to favour France at this point, but the Irish have been known to rally for some famous wins at home. Another close one to call, but I’d have to marginally go with France at this stage and wait till the end of the week when the teams are announced.

So, in conclusion, England is a safe bet, but the other two games could go either way. At this point, without seeing the teams for the weekend, I’d go with a low win for France and Scotland.

I’m utterly aghast sometimes at how much I rock.

If anyone has MOD the France-Ireland game will be shown on Sunday at 22:52 on TV5- in French, of course.

2011 Six Nations Round 2

Ireland 22 - 25 France

Scotland 6 - 24 Wales

England 59 - 13 Italy

Forumosa Rugby Club Six Nations Log

Well done to Frikkie for a perfect round and for winning the Yellow Cap. :bravo: Everyone else only managed a paltry two out of three, although the round had two fixtures that could really have gone either way, so not a bad effort all told. :thumbsup: Jimipresley holds on to number one spot for another week as Frikkie surges into second pushing myself to third and Kiki to fourth. Elf is still last, but I expect that to change in the next round or two.

Fixtures for Round 3:
26 Feb Italy v Wales Rome - An Italy win in Rome is totally within the realm of possibility, but I doubt that will happen. I predict a close win by Wales.
27 Feb Scotland v Ireland Edinburgh - I’d like to see Scotland get a win, and with Ireland’s dismal showing so far it is totally possible.
27 Feb England v France London - Probably the match to watch in round three. Tough call, but I suspect England will win a scrappy game.
This week is a bye.

Six Nations log after two rounds
1 England 4
2 France 4
3 Wales 2
4 Ireland 2
5 Scotland 0
6 Italy 0

2011 Six Nations Round 3

Scotland 18-21 Ireland

Italy 16-24 Wales

England 17-9 France :raspberry: Thought as much, though.

Forumosa Rugby Club Six Nations Log

Jimi"bloody"presley gets the Yellow Cap. Seriously, good one, mate! :bravo: The log stays the same, except Kiki gives Elf a sniff as he passes her for 4th with her two ill advised picks (Italy and Scotland to win).

Fixtures for Round 4:
Italy v France - France to take a tough one.
Wales v Ireland - Wales should have the edge at home.
England v Scotland - England to humble the Scots. Sadly.

Six Nations log after 3 rounds
England 6
Wales 4
France 4
Ireland 2
Scotland 0
Italy 0
One has to pity the Scots and the Eyeties. They play such a good game, but just keep coming up short. Looks like the Poms may actually pull off a win and a Grand Slam before the World Cup raping that’s awaiting them in New Zealand. :pray:

Have any of you checked the Global Pool Rankings?

[quote=“Elf1nDrak3”]Have any of you checked the Global Pool Rankings?

That’s 'cos we’re fecking awesome! :bravo: :thumbsup: Well done everyone!

2011 Six Nations Round 4

Italy 22-21 France :astonished: :thumbsup:

Wales 19-13 Ireland

England 22-16 Scotland

Forumosa Rugby Club Six Nations Log

Jimi clings to number one on the log as Frikkie beats us all out for the Yellow Cap. :bravo: Unsurprisingly, no one picked the Italy win over France. The log remains unchanged with one round left.

Fixtures for Round 5:
Scotland v Italy
Ireland v England
France v Wales

Six Nations log after 4 rounds
England 8
Wales 6
France 4
Ireland 4
Italy 2
Scotland 0

[quote=“Elf1nDrak3”]Have any of you checked the Global Pool Rankings?

Carrying you lot on my back is getting tiresome. I’d like more of a contribution from the rest of you, please.

[quote=“jimipresley”][quote=“Elf1nDrak3”]Have any of you checked the Global Pool Rankings?

[color=#FF0000]Carrying you lot on my back is getting tiresome[/color]. I’d like more of a contribution from the rest of you, please.[/quote]
Interesting how we dropped from 3rd to 26th in the final round because I forgot to make my picks… :ponder: The Tainan Rugby Club ended 4th overall, though.

2011 Six Nations Round 5

Scotland 21-8 Italy

Ireland 24-8 England

France 28-9 Wales

Forumosa Rugby Club Six Nations Log

Jimipresley wins the final Yellow Cap and wins the overall honours of Forumosa Rugby Club 2011 Six Nations Champion. :bravo: :notworthy: The log remains otherwise unchanged and Frikkie wins the Runner-Up honours. :bravo:
Over the course of the competition, jimipresley won a total of 3 Yellow Caps and Frikkie won the other two. Overall, a poor showing in this year’s competition by elf and myself, but we’ll be back next year and we’ll be looking to exact some revenge in the Super 15 (especially after this last weeks horror show!).

Final Six Nations log
England 8
France 6
Ireland 6
Wales 6
Scotland 2
Italy 2

Well done England! :bravo: