Ruling party chief visits Japan


Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung will meet leaders of four Japanese political parties with messages that Ma wants to settle a dispute concerning sovereignty over an offshore archipelago, and that Taiwan’s warming ties with China are in Tokyo’s interests, a party media liaison said.[/quote]
boo boo. Send warships to claim Diaoyutai, ask for Japanese gov’t compensation for Taiwanese comfort women, start a cold war, set up a shrine on Taiwan to honor the Hakka rebels during Japanese occupation, lay siege on Japan Interchange Association (Japan’s de facto embassy in Taiwan), intimate a Japanese in the streets of Taiwan (till they accidentally fall down). :fume:

MYJ is so disappointing to us moderates in Taiwan. :laughing:

Its hard to tell sarcasm through words, but since you are ac_dropout and your reputation proceeds you as a strong Pro-KMT fella, we can assume your being sarcastic.
If you weren’t being sarcastic, I’d agree with you.
Although, I do like the shrine thing though, those poor guys never got so much as to a pat-on-the-back.
Although my grandfather fought with the japanese against China during the war, I still think those guys should be honored

But as to everything else you said :blah:


Japan and Taiwan should jointly develop resources in waters near disputed islands in the East China Sea, the chairman of Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang party said.

“The islands belong to us but we want to shelve the sovereignty issue and jointly develop fisheries in the area,” Wu Poh-hsiung told reporters in Tokyo. [/quote]
Chairman Wu is so generous with the Japan. After Japan puts a lighthouse on the island and sinks a Taiwanese boat in June, he is willing to jointly develop the area with Japan. A true leader.

If Japan doesn’t agree to this plan, please ask Japan to revoke and bar LTH from reinstating his Japanese citizenship. Because Japan just updated their ruling that children with 1 Japanese parent, regardless of marriage status of the parent, can now qualify for Japanese citizenship.

When are people going to understand that the KMT is the MAJORITY party and not the RULING party?

Love the sarcasm AC - if it was really that.