Rumble in the Internet Cafe

I was minding my own business writing e-mails when a fight broke out behind me. From my feeble level of Chinese I surmised it was over an on-line game…god some people are so dumb. One guy had a broken nose and one guy has a black eye.


Were they high school students?

No they were adults. It was quite amusing. One guy retreated near the bathroom and I really needed to go so I kinda motioned him to move and he told me to go y’know…so I pretended like I didn’t understand and did my business. Some people get worked up about the pettiest things…

Here’s one:
When we first arrived in Taiwanwe lived in Taichung. We were are on visitor visas and were totally paranoid about getting deported because we were here to teach English. I was at an INTERNET caf

They were probably looking for Taiwanese boys who have avoided serving in the army…

Maybe…I was thinking that they were checking the content people were viewing on their screens…is hard-core pron illegal here?

Of course just like in any other Asian country. But they were looking for draft dodgers. Some Taiwanese people don’t want to serve. I don’t know why? The command structure seems able enough…:wink:

its agaisnt hte law for anyoen under 18 to be in a net cafe past 10 pm or 12 pm… this seems more strictly enforced then bars/night clubs/meat markets/pubs

laws are pretty lose in TW. The internet cafe I used to go a lot doesn’t care about minor hanging out at the internet place… they want $$ they get it from the kids… polices seldom check those places out… they have better things to do…

… which would be what? :slight_smile:

… which would be what? :slight_smile:[/quote]Drink tea, play mahjong, watch tv, wave their sticks in time to the changing of traffic lights and count their bribes. No wonder they don’t have any time for anything else.

Police often check out Internet cafes for that very reason. Isn’t illegal for anyone under 18 to be anywhere unaccompanied after curfew?


I have a fun (possibly related) question and answer:

Q: Why is it that police drive around with their flashing lights on?
A: Because they want the bad guys to know they are patroling, and the good citizens to see the police hard at work.

My policeman friend told me like that and I almost spewed a mouthful of something all over the table in front of me. In the US its the opposite. How are you going to catch the bad guys if they see you coming? :laughing:

Unless the police is specificially after illegal English teachers, they will never start anything. After all, the bribes from business, including illegal bushibans are major parts of their income.

The guys stevieboy mentioned sounds like MP’s to me. I don’t think that a caucasian should worry too much - unless he’s poagao.

Yeah, but Poagao did his time. I wondered why they laughed at me when I offered my ID upon a internet cafe inspection. I suppose I don’t quite fit the profile of a Taiwanese underaged/draft-dodging male. Or so I hope. :?

Poagao might end up with material for another book, if drafted again.