Running an online business - easiest way to get an ARC?

I’m a EU citizen running an online business.

I’d like to move to Taipei for 1/2+ years, or indefinitely.
I can’t live without a motorcycle, and here to buy one, I need an ARC. (I’d be getting a 500+ cc bike).

I’ve actually yet to incorporate my business. I’ve been on the fence between doing it in HK/US. This newfound need of ARC and relocating to Taiwan might affect this decision.

What are my options for this?

Simply create a company in Hong Kong ( you buy an existing one ) ~ 1000 us dollars and then 700 us dollars ~ year , you will need to go there if you want to open a bank account there as well .

Once it s done , in Taiwan , with your paper create a representation office , you ll need to find a official location / address ( your friend , or a virtual office , around 23 000 nt / month ) , and you finally hire yourself through your company buy applying for a working permit for yourself and then you can apply for ARC. Declare the minimum salary at that time ( normally around 39 000 nt$ ) ARC cost 1000 nt / year , is give for one year at first but can be extended for 2 , 3 years at once . Don’t forget to pay Taiwan tax in May ( should be around 750 nt$ )

I heard requirements have change to apply for representative office in Taiwan , maybe you need to show that you have some money

I wonder how strict are the requirements for representative office.

  • Potentially a student visa could work as well? I don’t mind improving my Mandarin, in fact I want to do this - but on my terms and schedule, with private classes and long breaks whenever I’m traveling out of Taiwan. Not sure if that’s possible.