Running app on iTunes store

What’s a good app for keeping track of running time, distance, and maybe even GPS?

Strava is great for cycling: they’ve got running options as well. Free tier is still pretty good. Seems better suited to road and trail running than laps, since they emphasize mapping so much.


Did you pay for the upgrade?

I haven’t. From what I’ve read the extra services aren’t particularly worth it to me. The free level can already track my route and split times, and that’s most of what I want. @ranlee may be the one to ask about that - I think he uses Strava to build routes a lot.

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@Andrew0409 Strava is a great social app for GPS tracking whether it’d be skiing, running, trail running, kayaking, cycling and almost any cardiovascular sport you can think of. It has leaderboards for segments and you can save/favorite segments in which you regularly run/ride and see your stats.

Right after the pandemic hit, they put a pay wall for a lot of its key features like mapping your own route and friend leaderboards on segments. Personally, I thought it was the right move, otherwise, we would be on the search for a new GPS tracking app right now.

On the other hand, if you want GPS and just data (and you have a Garmin device), the Garmin Connect app is pretty awesome and all its features are free.

Here are the stats that I get just from one ride.

Please do not laugh at my weak ass stats :laughing: