Running club in Taipei

Good evening,

I was wondering if there is any open running clubs in Taipei? Preferably
with a combination of a nice community and serious training. - Like “Harbour Runners” in Hong Kong.

Any suggestion will be received gladly from my behalf!

Are you familiar with Hash House Harriers. It’s an international running/social club with some very serious runners and some not so serious runners. There are a few branches in Taiwan.

No I never heard of them. I’am gonna look them up for sure, thanks!

I highly recommend Runivore events. They have monthly 5k races, weekly LSD runs, and they host some bigger events.

Oh Cool! Gonna look that up swell, thanks man!

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Are you perhaps older than I am?! Ha, ha. Word (or whatever the young folks would say).

Haha, oh lord… I meant to say “as well”. I am Danish so whenever I’am outside the “Office Word” writing English the damn auto-control always put nonsense into my sentences…

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