Running for mayor

im a gringo… if i marry a taiwanese women could i then run for mayor? do i need a petition? or some money?

oh dude, you need more than just those to be a mayor in Taiwan…keep trying, it will take you less than 20 yrs to do so…

all you need is money… roughly 6 trillion US should cut it…

Don’t you need to be a citizen to run for office in Taiwan?

Right on MiakaW, but you forgot to tell the lad or ladee s/hed have to unseat me.


i wrote an essay on pseudism and another one on why i would make a good mayor. I’m scared to post it on this site because all the hippy liberals on here will PM threatening to ban me because they hate republicans, but it confuses me they still love and his movies… Shrug

Wrong. Its because you’re unutterably boring.

Even if you could run for mayor, you wouldn’t be able to campaign for yourself, as the authorities tend to view engaging in Taiwan politics as a violation of the terms of one’s visa.

Here at Where?