Rush Limbaugh arrested today on drug charges - too bad

That junkie slimebag Flush Bimbaugh was arrested today on drug charges. I guess staying doped up on Hillbilly heroin is the only way he can live with his obese self after spewing lies all day long and whoring himself out to the Bush regime. Pretty embarassing that all Bush can do is find loser dope fiends to shill for him. But I didn’t want to let this pass. The conservatives still have a burr up their collective ass about Castro and Che Guevara, and never miss a day without trying to slander them, so I’m taking a page from their playbook. They emit this constant whining sound about the liberal media, but when you turn on the radio all you hear is depraved losers like Bimbaugh, certainly loaded on Percodan and Oxycontin while doing his show. Pathetic.

[quote]Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh says prosecutors are unfairly targeting him with a prescription fraud charge known as “doctor shopping” because he is a famous political conservative.

In fact, a records search by the Clerk of Courts Office revealed only one case in the past five years in which Palm Beach County prosecutors charged a defendant with illegally acquiring overlapping prescriptions.
[/quote] … baugh.html

This will be an interesting story.

Arn’t you afraid your tongue will fatally poison you? :laughing:

On a recent trip to Illinois I was in my rental car, flpping through the radio stations, and all I came across were conservatives like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. No liberals, no voices of reason. Just conservatives lying through their teeth. The constant lying, lying, lying really got to me.

It’s good when a liar like Limbaugh goes down like this…it pleases me to no end

When your tone is this shrill, you discourage thoughtful responses. Tone it down if you want to be taken seriously. I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh either, by the way,

And it’s not really true either. It’s like saying Osama bin Laden has admitted defeat in Iraq. Biased, sensationalist media.

The topic is Rush Limbaugh. There will not be any thoughtful responses, and that is probably appropriate, considering the subject.


This concludes the main points of my argument.

When your tone is this shrill, you discourage thoughtful responses. Tone it down if you want to be taken seriously. I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh either, by the way,[/quote]
I read today in the news that Mr. Rush Limbaugh was arrested for doctor shopping to obtain excessive quantities of painkillers such as Oxycontin (a registered trademark of Purdue Pharma LP). I wanted to offer this information to my fellow readers of the fine Forumosa forum in the hope that they would agree with me that it could comprise the basis for a diverting, possibly even stimulating, discussion. In keeping with the rules of this forum, I will refrain from citing the article excessively, and instead direct the interested reader to the URL for the article, viz. … SFeeds0312 In the article you will find that Mr. Limbaugh obtained over 2000 pills in a six month period. Yet at the same time, Mr. Limbaugh, Rush if I may call him that, maintains his innocence. I daresay that this constitutes yet another example of his propensity to distort the truth. May I be so bold as to ask my esteemed fellow Forumosans to share their opinion on this matter?

When your tone is this shrill, you discourage thoughtful responses. Tone it down if you want to be taken seriously. I’m no fan of Rush Limbaugh either, by the way,[/quote]

True words, Maoman.

Nevertheless, being taken seriously by people interested in a thoughtful discussion --rather than spewing childish invective for the titillation of the already convinced-- is not usually the goal of language like this. (I certainly doubt, for example, that Rush Limbaugh himself expects to be taken seriously when he spews similarly puerile bile on the other side.)

In each case the only understandable external purpose is to “fire up” people who hold similar positions, and create a greater divide of animosity and primitive partisan tribalism amongst the audience. My guess is that this goal is probably accomplished in some cases, and not in others.

But I suspect that there is likely a non-external goal as well: We humans like getting things off our chests.

A bit of screaming at the rain and people may feel a bit more relaxed – just as one suffering from food poisoning feels a little better in the few minutes after one vomits.

To this extent – so long as this kind of insulting attack is directed at public figures and not at fellow posters-- I am happy to let it stay in the IP forum and serve whatever cathartic purpose it can.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other threads where people can go if they want thoughtful discussion. Who knows, it’s even possible someone might come along with an interesting angle on this topic and turn this into one of them…

Ever the optimist, :smiley:

Who gives a rat’s ass about Mr. Fatboy. Let him wallow in the shame of his own self-degradation!

& This has about as much to do with the right wing as the wart on a weasel’s willie!

One very good thing about being in Taiwan is that you are not exposed to guys like this. (Unless you really want to be.) I read about people complaining about FOX, Limbaugh, Coulter, et al and that’s the only exposure I have to them. I wouldn’t know who Bill O’reilly was if it wasn’t for Media Matters. And on the other side, Media Matters and Air America are just as shrill. Trying to find any mole hill with which to make a mountain of. Rush was abusing drugs three years ago. He’s a hippocrite. Not big news.

I feel that it would be disadvantageous for all parties to arrive at a conclusion prematurely. Consider, for example, the fact that RUSH LIMBAUGH IS GOING TO JAIL HA HA HA I LOVE IT HALF THE REPUKELIKLAN PARTY IS GOING TO JAIL HOOKERS AND DRUGS AND BRIBERY OH MY!!! LOL ROFL

Apparently he isn’t.

Let’s not arrive at those conclusions prematurely, eh?


…heh heh heh… :sunglasses:

I have never been a huge fan of Rush. However, I really don’t think we should politicize booze and pill addictions…heheheh

I think Rush should just have to perform community service. Maybe babysit and take care of Teddy’s ex wife, whose legal guardians are her (gasp) children… … _joan.html

[quote=“Chewycorns”]I have never been a huge fan of Rush. However, I really don’t think we should politicize booze and pill addictions…heheheh


I agree. I would also add people’s private sex lives to that list. Everybody knows that Winston Churchill was drunk every day of WWII and JFK got more ass than a toilet seat. Who cares as long as they do their job. Hitler was a mostly celibate vegetarian who didn’t smoke or drink or do drugs.

Ike Eisenhower player a lot of golf.

And wore spiffy jackets that were named after him!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Ike Eisenhower player a lot of golf.


He stuck his irons in Kay Summersby in London a few times during the war.

Man can not live on golf alone.

I wonder if its a matter of public record just exactly what those 2000 pills Rush got were? Apparently a lot of Oxycontin. As soon as I saw that they were selling time-release oxycodone, I knew it was going to be trouble. A percodan has about 5mg of oxycodone. But Oxycontin comes in 10, 20, 40 and the 80mg “green monster”. They even make a 160. In order to confirm this, I immediately headed down to Tijuana to score some 40’s and nail a few $15 streetwalkers in the bargain. You know, one percodan sets me up with a pretty nice buzz for most of the day, and even just 10mg oxycontin puts me completely on my ass for like 24 hours. Bimbaugh musta’ been hooked to the gills on this stuff. Even accounting for his obese fat body. Just consider how a ghetto kid with a few crack rocks or some smack would have been treated, compared to the way Bimbaugh cops a plea bargain and continues to claim innocence to anyone dumb enough to listen. He may be able to beat the law with his fancy-pants lawyer, but the good news is, Bimbaugh will suffer severely if and when he ever dries out. Hey maybe he’ll get a blood transfusion like Keith Richards used to do… if so I hope he gets AIDS.

And in answer to the earlier posts, I’m saying this to get this off my chest, not so much to stir up other people. Bimbaugh has brought a lot of suffering and lies to the world, and its very disturbing to anyone thoughtful.

I agree too. For example, if people had taken Bush’s former alcoholism more seriuosly they might not have elected him. What a loss that would have been. :unamused:

Limbaugh deserves to be raked over the coals “because” he is a Republican mouth peice. It is after all the Republican’s who pushed hardest for the hypocritical war on drugs.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the Christain right however. In a few weeks he’ll repent and wail forth in repentance of his many sins, Jesus will forgive him and he’ll create the appearance of kicking his drug habit thus demonstrating to his followers the power of god’s love. The alcoholic herds will shed a sentimental tear, pop open a six pack and cruise off into the sunset on the over-crowded highway.