Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

Putin pedo

it’s not secret Putin is a pedophile and there is also a reason why russia is kidnapping so many ukranian children into russia. Just a sick pedo ring inside russia. No secret with Scott Ritter (a primary source for some on this thread) has been ARRESTED twice because he is a pedo, not once, but twice! and now his only job is at RT going on about the greatness of Wagner and Russia. A sick cult of pedophilia is inside russia.

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this guys son lives in London…


and is signed to a modeling agency living a very lavish lifestyle. LOL. The circus of russia continues.

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That’s probably why he wants to attack it.


it all makes sense now. the whole satanism of the west and homosexual latex parades. He is angry his son is gay…and he is blaming somebody for it.

“they turned my son gay”

the circus is in full swing. the mans career is about to be finished.

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Well, they are prepared for the last stand :scream:

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Yevgeny Satanovsky President of the Institute of the Middle East, February 8, 2023:
The main goal in our war with America is the outer space.
Their satellite systems, European satellites, they should not exist.
We should be working on this, not striving to achieve parity, but eliminating them.

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@stoa1984 this sort of post is more suitable in the general discussion thread rather than the specific development thread.

Seem to recall Col McGregor talking about this months ago. Not the claim the Russians are not manufacturing. They have been manufacturing ammunition for years. 60,000 shells a day fired at Ukraine, manufacturing that output and much more, was not something that started a year ago.
McGregor’s contacts in NATO said the French only have days of ammunition.
The UK admitted a week or so back it doesn’t have more than a day’s worth.
Dad’s Army.
20 years of fighting weak opponents and jihadi’s (their paymasters fund(ed)).
But what with the desired war with China, they may well have to start manufacturing more arms.

And the UK said this week they are exploring manufacturing arms in Ukraine.
That will be like a firework display once a Russian cruise missile hits the plant.

And where are the fighter jets and the pilots that need months if not years to learn how to fly them?
War is a racket.

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:clown_face: clown shoes macgregor. has been wrong about…30 times in a row. hasn’t made an accurate prediction in over a year. Imagine keep gambling on somebody who keeps giving you the wrong bets. That would be a career loser.

you know what this would be for a civilized country? an absolute disastrous scandal. In russia? it’s considered “winning” :rofl:

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Ukraine gained back some ground around Bakhmut as well.


Personally I think Bakhmut is going to fall to russia. I don’t think Ukraine will fold in half as a whole though. Russia is using Wagner prisoners as bullet sponges keeping Ukraine tied down in the battle while russia prepares for a wider offensive. I hope Ukraine is ready, they always do surprise me. Hope russia gets their shit pushed back to Mordor.

Bakhmut doesn’t have any strategic value. Ukraine did not deploy significant armored brigades to the region. The only thing they need to achieve in Bakhmut is to maximize Russian casualty for every inch of Russian advance. If you want to see where Ukraine absolutely is determined to defend and eventually launch a counter offensive, look at what’s going on in Vuhledar and Prechystivka.

Col McGregor mentioned the disabled conscripts weeks ago (before I posted a video) and he mentioned a couple of weeks back Ukraine press gangs going after 16-17 year olds.

How many men not on the front are left in Ukraine?
10 million?

‘Til the last Ukrainian’
Some US Neo-con Chickenhawk.

“till the last russian ethnic minority”

February 2023

“Aren’t there enough people in the world seeking revenge against the United States? They simply don’t have the weapons to do it. Why are we yet to supply weapons to them? Why didn’t some unknown person, totally unknown, blow up the lines of communication that are strategically important for the United States?”
-Igor Sergeevich Shishkin

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I’m not sure if this guy knows this yet…but Saddam’s entire military was soviet weapons(desert storm) and he had the biggest tank military in the world. And also vietnams military was all soviet weapons. :rofl: :rofl:…so yeah russia has tried this before, payback is a bitch.

these russian propagandists are hilarious.

The Vietnamese Peoples’ Air Force—as it was officially called—sent pilots to the Soviet Union and China for training in MiG fighters but had no jet aircraft of its own until February 1964, when the Soviets donated 36 MiG-15s and -17s to the VPAF.

USA and allies still dragging on fighter jets, I say send the armada. Payback fuckers.

@cake so russia fought the USA until the last Vietnamese and they won.

And around we go

Soviet fought Republic of China from 1945 to 1949 through Comintern local proxy. Formosa is all what is left! Taiwan ROC waited for 8 decades, it could take its revenge and finish the Northmen aggressors off in the Ukrainian quagmire. A once in a century opportunity! Why is Taipei not at the forefront in sending fighter jets, drones, long-range ballistic missiles?

taiwan needs whatever it has to defend itself from ballooniana jones.

Taiwan’s survival depends 100% on the U.S. military. So no, it could send more weapons to Ukraine. Poland and the Baltic States that share a common border with Russia have depleted their armories to support the Ukrainian war effort. No excuse. Same for Japan that still has its Northern core territories under Russian occupation. But lacks the will.