Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

Don’t forget that people were sick and tired of war in 1938. It didn’t stop WW2. Politicians still associated with Nazis. Even Churchill almost met Hitler, but the little corporal didn’t turn up.

Despising warmongers should be a truism, but things don’t change. Warmongers are generally supported by their people. Putin is still very popular in Russia. I would guess that any opposition to the special military operation is highly censored there.


The only things neo-Nazis subscribe to are fascism and racism, or at least the anti-Semitic part of it, they care very little about the actual social and economic policies of the Nazi party. To me, any fascist regime that has a racist policy is no different from neo-Nazis. So in that regard, the US has made allies with many neo-Nazi states, from the USSR to the PRC and many other much smaller fascist/totalitarian/authoritarian states.

The US was an ally with the USSR?

EDIT: During WW2. I get it. Geopolitics is complicated

The ROC and the KMT regime in exile were also neo-Nazis in that definition. The cultural genocide started by the KMT regime in exile will achieve near complete destruction of native cultures and languages of Taiwan in another 20 to 30 years.

Any baddy is a neo-Nazi? Like evil in old language?

I didnt realize Trump made the decision not to defend Ukraine in 2014

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In 2023, I put Putin in the warmongering list at #1

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Let’s use Chiang Kai-shek for example, racist, check, police state, check, committed genocide, check, admired Hitler, check, was an ally of the Third Reich and received military aid from Hitler, check, sent his son to Germany military school and served in the Wehrmacht and commanded a Panzer division during the Austrian Anschluss, check. Can anyone be more neo-Nazi?

Unfortunately not, because he’s not particularly neo.

EDIT: I suppose he could have been neo. But it’s a stretch.

Wagner corpses in bodybags stacked to the roof after a failed assault, your contract has ended.

Voters were pissed off with the never ending wars. It’s true from @hansioux clip that John McCain would have been more aggressive back in 2014. But Obama wasn’t ok with escalating things. But McCain was a warmonger and not the first place he’s done that in.

Hillary would have escalated things, we saw that on the campaign trail. So, yes many took a chance with Trump that he might not be as big a warmonger as the rest of them.

Is anyone disagreeing with you? Seems like a bit of a virtue signaling comment.

In hindsight, had something more been done back then, it might have prevented the invasion in the present


On the warmonger scale, I’m just saying that JM sits way below VP. Perspective.

If hurling “virtue signaller!!!” at me is the best you have, I don’t think I care to continue the discussion

Actually they were, there is the question of billions which the Obama admin looked to be trying to give to the Ukrainians under the table to fund an army in Eastern Ukraine. But the MSM and politicians and FBI and virtually everyone has blocked anyone asking about this, even impeaching Trump when he asked what Biden was getting up to.

Seems from what the ex President of Ukraine has said and what’s her name in Germany (Merkel) that they stuck the Minsk agreements to buy Ukraine more time to train the soldiers so they could get rid of Russians from Ukraine at a later date.

In other words the soldiers needed more help being trained back in 2014.

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I notice Chiang Kai-shek used to be a very good and loving father :slight_smile: Chiang Ching-kuo, also known as Nikolai Vladimirovich Elizarov, was sent to Moscow in 1925 and had very fun experience later in the mid of Stalin’s purges in 1930s, but still managed to serve as a president of Taiwan in 1980s :slight_smile:

That’s because CCK was his biological son, and Chiang Wei-kuo was adopted, and a illegitimate son of his friend and their probably shared Japanese mistress. So even though Wei-kuo was probably a decent military commander, Ching-kuo was always going to be the heir.

The great achievements of the great geostrategist and the leader of the “superpower” from 24 February 2022.

  1. The new raison d’etre is given to NATO. From some bureaucratic artefact in Brussels, they understand that they have to exist because of some lunatic madman and 140 million of brainwashed orcs on the Eastern frontier. Welcome Finland and Sweden, hope Ukraine will follow the suit.
  2. Lost 300 billion of foreign exchange reserves.
  3. Dependence on China for decades.
  4. The market of oil and gas in Europe, which has been built for decades as a leverage and political influence on the western world (Merkel, Germany, Nord Stream, etc.). Multiplied by zero in a few months. Anyone from Europe, are you freezing there?
  5. The minimum of 100,000 of young working males (this is the absolute minimum for all estimations) are 200s (every Russian undestands the meaning of this military term). How many are 300s, million maybe? Nice contribution to the demographics of the country.
  6. Millions fled and fleeing from mobilization to neighboring countries like Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, or further away. The smartest and the most educated and creative people.
  7. The leaders of “vassal” countries, like Tokaev, Rakhmon, etc., directly humiliate Pu on the gatherings he arranges for them (Samarkand, Astana). Has to go to Minsk to meet Luka the cockroach, his “slave” number one.
  8. Xi and Modi, two major leaders of the “other” world also humiliate Pu on every occasion (Samarkand, Astana).
  9. The international economic forum in St Petersburg, the most prominent guest is Taliban.
  10. Investments, high tech economy, science, etc. Multiplied by zero. Need foreign components.
  11. Automobile industry: multiplied by zero. Need foreign components.
  12. Space industry: multiplied by zero. Need foreign components. By the way, the Soviet S-36 “Satan” nuke rocket has been built in Ukraine, now they are struggling with the new fully home-made replacement “Sarmat”.
  13. The system of corruption based on “mafia” loyalty, highly ineffective, all institutions are multiplied by zero.
  14. Banned from all international sports, country’s prestige. The country which hosted Olympics and world cup in 2010s, not so long ago.
  15. What happens when angry young men with PTSD, who have killed and know death and know how to use weapons, betrayed by the government, come from the front? Peaky Blinders. Welcome organized crime…
  16. The major subject among young males in Russia on internet forums and telegram channels: mobilization. How to avoid it, how is it going to be enforced, how to escape: emigrate or escape the system within the country.
  17. People in Russia argue, will it be like in Iran (best case scenario) or North Korea.
  18. The enemy, Ukraine, is united as never before, the Russian-speaking east might have had some sympathies for Russia even a decade before, now they hate them like hell!

What a year! The pastry nickname may say that WEF gopher Klaus Schwab bought Put lah to destroy Russia?


Why don’t you just use my name instead of using ‘pastry nickname’?
I seem to trigger you and fellow Rush a (‘you don’t understand Rush a’) haters.
Funny how those who are anti-war trigger those who like it. I had the same kind of reaction when the US/UK went into Iraq on these boards 20 years ago.
In 2023 The George Dubya Bush mindset is the norm. You are either with us or against us. There can be no in-between.
Congratulations on being like him.

Yeah, we all know who you mean. Please keep your posting impersonal. I understand your frustration, but we want to keep the forum civil.

I don’t know who on the forum likes war, this is also unacceptable posting. As are your congratulations. I understand that you are responding in kind, and you didn’t start it.

This is me finishing it. Theorize and discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attack ideas and sources, but leave forum members out of it. Both of you.

Thanks and regards


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