Russia invades Ukraine: General Discussion 2023

russian military tactics, run across a giant field right there, get mowed down, repeat.


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There is an updated photo as some of the bodies have been missed, if you zoom in you can see.

The Russian government has supported a bill on Russia’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption
Russia to withdraw from CoE Criminal Law Convention on Corruption


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Russian mobilized going to the front are given aluminum stab vests from 1970’s as armor.
Those do not protect against any kind of gun fire, developed to be used against domestic rioters in Russia.

Aluminum Plate Mail 50 Weight +3 Defense

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From 5 days ago:


Also today


Looks like massive civil war is coming to russia. Battle of private armies.

I’m putting this in the general thread as it isn’t directly related to the dynamics on the ground.

“Military doctors conducted an operation to remove a VOG grenade, which did not break, from the body of the soldier,”

The post also mentioned that electrocoagulation could not be used for fear of detonating the grenade.


Getting that out seems like a definite priority

Is that the second one or the same one from a few months back?

I saw this reported today in The Guardian. The Facebook post is dated 2 days ago. I haven’t seen anything about the earlier incident you mentioned.

This one from early November

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Bulldogs under the rug become more active. Prigozhin called general Gerasimov “faggot”, very serious insult in Russian criminal culture. The generals get united and may respond…

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Who is the breastfeeding person and what is the meaning of this picture? :confused:

current Speaker of House of Representatives.
US Congress basically letting Zelensky suck the US government tit at the expense of inner city poor who get jack shit

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you mean the new inner city “poor” who are crypto cultists spending all their $ on designer shit and outrageous mortgages?