Russia invades Ukraine: Specific Developments 2023

Ammunition dumps get blown up sometimes in war.


Apparently it was a storage for old soviet ammunition that was way past its best, its one of the disposal sites.

I personally don’t think they would be keeping many staff around, knowing its a stock pile of old soviet munitions thats not very stable, with bombs dropping out the sky at any time.


The Freedom of Russia Legion and Russian Volunteer Corps punched through the Russian checkpoint at Kozinka, Belgorod, and advanced 10KM to take 4 villages.

The circular underground structure on the top right used to be where Russia kept some nuclear warheads and missiles.


I was like, “wait, Ukraine took Russian territory?”, but it’s more complicated. For anyone else who shares my ignorance, some context:

A group of anti-Putin Russian nationals – who are aligned with the Ukrainian army – has claimed responsibility for an attack in Russian’s southwestern region of Belgorod, as Moscow said it was fighting a group of saboteurs there.

Shelling damaged an administrative building, several residential buildings, and a kindergarten in the area, according to regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, who said there were no fatalities.

In a Telegram post, groups calling themselves the “Freedom of Russia Legion” and “Russian Volunteer Corps” said they had “liberated” a settlement in the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine.

A Ukrainian official acknowledged that the units had carried out an operation in the area but insisted they were acting independently.

“We can confirm that this operation was carried out by Russian citizens,” Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency, told CNN.

He said the units were “part of defense and security forces” when they were in Ukraine, but were independent from Kyiv when they were not: “In Russia they are acting as independent entities.”

I’m still not quite sure how to feel about it, though. I mean, being anti-Putin is great, but Russians shelling Russian kindergartens seems less great? And is there any chance they were using NATO-supplied weaponry? And what does it mean if they were?

So a group of soldiers took it upon themselves to attack targets in Russia without orders? You would think that Ukraine wouldn’t be happy about that.

I think I saw a propaganda video about this group lately, it seems to be organized. Good, make Russia disperse its forces more.

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Oh snap


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Lol flipboard showed me a year old story and i didn’t check the date!


Then have a new story.

Drone attack on Russian ships, Russia say you missed, Ukraine say we hit, both with video evidence.

My take is there was more than one drone, some got shot but at least one hit.

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Just some Russian seaman smoking excessively.


It was definitely a hit. However, the Russian Intel ship Ivan Khurs is nowhere to be seen. One could only assume that being a top secret intel ship, Ivan Khurs transformed into a submarine to dodge further drone strikes.


Using cheap drones against very expensive naval ships with a lot of humans on board is just upending the whole idea of naval warfare isn’t it.
I’ve been expecting Ukraine to attack their missile boats at some stage

This is a great read by Fiona Hill, looks at the conflict through the lens of multiple perspectives and properly assesses the geopolitical implications.

A little long, but might be worth it for a lazy Sunday read.

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I’ll give it a go, lots of good analysis out of Brookings

Ok, not really anything in there I disagree with, but:

  • Could have pointed out the value of the US led post WW2 system which has arguably prevented some conflict and helped lift millions if not billions from poverty
  • Treats China with kid gloves, naive if not disingenuous; for example while China hasn’t overtly supported the Russian invasion they are absolutely supporting their unlimited partner
  • Russia and China are not immune to a colonial mindset, and many of the countries who prefer their alternative are also dictatorships

Not every piece can include every factor, but I thought these things could be at least acknowledged

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I think this piece is intended for an American policy-minded audience, who takes those things for granted, rather than trying to paint the big picture.

Check out the conference info, speakers, and agenda. They had sessions in Shanghai, but mostly European participants/location/focus

This looks like it was the keynote speech

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Got you, but same basic dynamic.

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