Russia invades Ukraine: Specific Developments 2023

They better tie him on there.

Oh, look. More tanks


1 more. I guess this was the one that works?

Two of 14 (+5 spare) Leopard 2 that are going to Ukraine are showing off their abilities

can use English subtitles

German government additionally permits industry and other countries the export of 187 Leopard 1 main battle tanks to Ukraine.

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As we all wait to see what happens next, and Russia continues to bomb and shell civilian targets such as hospitals, predictions are starting to emerge that Russia still isn’t ready to make much headway

Remember Vindman?

Alexander Vindman and the Road to World War III


I don’t understand why they don’t shoot their Wagner officers. I would.

It probably happens.

Probably. Who knows for sure?

The Wagner officers

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This popped up on my flipboard today, but i didnt read past the headline

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It’s not clear what happened to the commander after the ordeal.

I bet they shook hands and had some vodka and a good laugh over it.

They have the video on the guardian

just as a foot note at the bottom

" A second prison tour to drum up additional soldiers has been less successful, as reports of the atrocious casualty rate in Ukraine filter back to Russia. Ukraine’s parliament and the US have designed Wagner an international criminal organisation."


Just reading about this



Things might be kicking off

The Russian offensive has already been going on for at least a week. I think this is all they’ve got.

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Long read, good share. I think a lot of the things that held Russia back, such as secrecy and bad equipment, work very much in Taiwan’s favor

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