Russia vs. Ukraine 2024

Taiwan supplying Russia? I guess some Laoban needs their sorry ass whooped. Or worse.


This seems odd. I haven’t heard any suggestion that Russia is preparing to use nukes in Ukraine, or to widen the war by attacking NATO countries. So why this, now?

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Some examples
There has been lots,European%20countries%20over%20many%20decades


Where have you been hiding then? Putin himself threatened to use tactical nukes in Ukraine.


And this


Both from more than a year ago!

Recently? Source?

This is more relevant, thanks. I don’t immediately know what game is being played there but it does seem like something the US could reasonably respond to, at face value.

July 2023 not recent enough for you.

CNN and other media reported the threat to use nukes if Ukraine was successful in defeating Russia in Ukraine

Maybe some reference to nukes on here? Just ran across this:

They should have left Winnie as is.

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Huh? There’s been a bunch of them, from Medvedev, from Putin, and more.

Sure they’ve toned it down for a while, but the thing with nukes is you don’t have to keep reminding people of it.

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It’s pretty clear at this point, to defeat Russia, Iran, and generally all the Axis of Evil countries around the world, one only needs to cut off the head of the octopus which props up all of them — China.

No need for the U.S. to enter a ground war in Ukraine when it can wage economic war against China and bring about meaningful regime change.

And with regards to Chinese energy imports, a U.S. led ground war in the Middle East could destabilize China’s energy enough imports, but the question is “with major Chinese pipelines through Russia and Central Asia to other resources, would it have meaningful leverage against China?” It’s still a bit unknown if China has de-risked enough of its energy supply. People are quick to point out the Malacca Strait as a bottleneck for China but that might not be entirely true since the situation is dynamic. The same goes for food - China has made huge efforts to de-risk food supply especially since the start of the Ukraine invasion - possibly grain being the incentive. This is why the economic war aspect is critical for defeating the CCP & Axis. Unfortunately we are the pawns in this effort, so we bear the brunt with our wallets :grimacing:.

If China or its Axis of Evil do use Nukes, it would mean they walked right into a trap - it would set off a course of events that probably wouldn’t end until the Axis is wiped out.

Okay yes, sure, but they’ve been making statements like that from the beginning of the war. So my question is, did something change that made the US feel it now needs nukes stationed in the UK, when it didn’t before?

If Medvedev’s criteria for using nukes is true, that Ukraine has to be doing well against Russia, probably to the point of threatening their position in Crimea, then either Ukraine has something planned, Russia finds the current situation unmaintainable, or something is going on inside Russia.

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That’s certainly one way to go! I don’t think it’s an understatement to say this is advocating for full on WWIII.

I’d guess at least part of it is it takes time to make arrangements, and those nukes have been in the pipeline for a while, like since Putin sent nukes to Belarus.



“slip paste”? Up your game sub-editors!

They didn’t want to lose the poop scoop!

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It reminds me of Inspector Clouseau. Which is arguably a decent analogy with Putin and his very special military operation.


Another vessel joins the underwater division.