Russia vs. Ukraine 2024

The Ukrainian Constitution and electoral laws generally require that elections be free, fair, and accessible to all eligible voters.

The last part is kind of impossible to achieve when parts of the country are occupied, many citizens seek refuge in other countries and missiles are falling on cities and hospitals.
Same as a referendum in Crimea can’t be valid when that part is under hostile military occupation.

lol, but the crux of my argument is that elections can - and should - be held. And “Russia stopping the war” may not exactly end the way you want it to.

Look, you want Ukraine to win and Russia to lose - I get it. If Ukraine survives with a pyrrhic stalemate/victory and sacrifices all the principles of a republic for the war effort - was it really a victory or a worthwhile sacrifice?

You think the British sacrificed all their principles during WW I and WW II?

And I get it that you want Russia to win the war and occupy all of Ukraine, which I hope will not happen

In some ways, yes - as I noted my objection for the suspension of elections during WWI and conceded for the circumstancestaking place during WWII.

I would further argue that the U.S. sacrificed even more principles during WW2 than the British did despite not being under the same threats and pressures. President FDR did enormous damage to American Civil Liberties that required decades to rectify and ought to never have taken place.

I said no such thing. Please do not project positions onto my arguments that I have not made.

Hmm, I just returned the “I get it”, when you made that assumption. Assumptions are two way

I don’t really agree with this, but this is US and British politics so before going deep maybe better with a new separate thread

I refer to your previous post in the thread that you want an absolute victory by Ukraine. Is this not your advocacy for a total victory by Ukraine?

If you’re interested in a deeper discussion on the topic I’ll participate when I can. I’m already procrastinating enough with my studies as it is. :grimacing::grimacing:

Sorry, but this made me laugh, nothing against you so please don’t take I seriously, just that just this thread is possible hours of you typing :rofl:

Let’s drop it here and go back to your studies, I am waiting for the customers to wake up so I can confirm the purchase order, so I will need to stop here soon anyway

Children’s hospital gets bombed. Discussion somehow turns, for the first time, into whether Ukraine should have elections during an invasion. Interesting timing.



No links to Ukranian people calling for elections, eh.

It’s not “was hit”, as you said. It’s “is being hit”.

As I suspected

You didn’t need to wait, it seems. It was pretty obvious…

Thanks for the clarification.

Do you have a source for the civilian population centers previously and currently undergoing indiscriminate bombing/droning/shelling for the months of 01JUL23 to 01JUL24?

This information would help provide a clearer picture of your argument for further analysis.

Unnecessary and uncalled for. Stick to the issue at hand.

How did that become the bar? I said the hurricane is still ongoing. You implied it was over.

BBC cited a KIIS survey, but I haven’t gotten around to scrutinizing the survey yet. Link to KIIS (Kyiv’s International Institute of Sociology) below if you want to read up on it. Will take a couple of days while I focus on schoolwork between now and my follow-up response.

Just so we aren’t talking past eachother:

My understanding is that because (originally @cdn1234 and then followed up by yourself) stated that because the civilian population centers are under constant assault that elections cannot be held.

The analogy used was New Orleans having previously been hit doesn’t prevent other areas not directly affected from holding an election (my position) vs still being battered (yours and @cdn1234 position) by Hurricane Katrina.

My follow-on to the clarification you provided is my query as to the “what & where” population centers were previously under assault and are currently being assaulted/bombed/shelled/droned for the past year. What I’m looking for are the identifiable target areas and the scale/intensity of attacks - the “when, why, and how” portion of the analysis.

The substance of your argument and mine hasn’t changed, but providing clarifying details and gaining more information contributes to a better understanding of the circumstances taking place for the purpose of discussion.

Is there anything I am misunderstanding or left out regarding your position in relation to my query or the topic at hand?

That’s not my point, no. They’re currently under invasion by a homicidal lunatic and his gangster regime, seeking to destroy them. That’s hurricane enough. Let that stop and it might be worth thinking about. Ukraine couldn’t continue this war for ten minutes without its people’s support.