Russia vs. Ukraine 2024

If it’s confirmed destroyed thats quite a big hitter gone, The Ivanovets carries and has been firing supersonic missiles.


It sank according to that news report.

They hunted the ship like a pack of wolves. And it did a Titanic, but without the life boats.



Looks like it had already been breached and that last drone got right inside before exploding, the damage done before that would have been enough to scuttle it.


The racket continues.
More pilfering by the Oligarchs and more death for Ukrainians to look forward to, when there will be a peace deal in the end anyway.
And Hungry was threatened, by the ‘democratic’ EU gangsters, so the money could go through.

Jan 29 (Reuters) - The European Union will sabotage Hungary’s economy if Budapest blocks fresh aid to Ukraine at a summit this week, under a confidential plan drawn up by Brussels, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

Brussels has outlined a strategy to explicitly target Hungary’s economic weaknesses, imperil its currency and drive a collapse in investor confidence in a bid to hurt “jobs and growth” if Budapest refuses to lift its veto on the aid to Kyiv, the newspaper reported, citing a document drawn up by EU officials.

The document seen by FT declares that “in the case of no agreement in the February 1 [summit], other heads of state and government would publicly declare that in the light of the unconstructive behaviour of the Hungarian PM . . . they cannot imagine that” EU funds would be provided to Budapest.

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If you mean that they all acted together to force the most corrupt one of all to go along with it, yeah. He was just holding things up for a payout and they told him to shove it.

The west talking about corruption is laughable. You just have to look at the electoral system, never mind the courts, politicians, media or banksters.

“stark reminder of the threat that corruption and the absence of government accountability pose for global peace and security,”

Don’t sign a peace deal, cull half a million Ukrainians, and until we advise you to (or have started a war somewhere else), don’t call a ceasefire and peace deal, and we can continue to make a killing as we now own Ukraine. Here is 50 billion of printed money that does not exist, which we’ll lend you for your resources and land.

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I won’t argue with the corruption bit, Orban’s just more obvious about it, but what I quoted above just… doesn’t make sense. Like you took something apart, picked up some bits, added some bits, and made a completely different thing and now are pointing at it as if it were the original thing. None of that computes - I think a certain other poster on this board is starting to rub off on you! :joy:

Maintain that “tactical nukes” is an oxymoron. No real advantage over conventional arms other than they blow bigger. Which kinda makes tactical insertion thereof antithetical to their nature.

I think it was mostly a bluff to get the western allies to try and back down. Once the Russian leadership realized that won’t fly, well, it’s not great pr. Not that Russia is known for PR ability…

That camera was certainly inadequate for that explosion. Wow. Ka-boom. Whatever boat that was - if it indeed was the one in question, I’ve no clue - it most likely isn’t floating anymore

Fuckem. Play authoritarian games, win authoritarian prizes. EU should properly cut them off until they get their act together, might help them realize where their loyalties ought to lie. Hardly worth your alligator tears.

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Still looking an awful lot like a stalemate to me, but as the initiative crawls towards Russia and Ukraine remains undersupplied, @TaipeiGuy2000 still might win our bet (3 weeks down, 21 to go!)


No mention here of the sacking of the guy who hangs out with natsees.
Didn’t a Russian-born take his place? Saw some claim last week.

I guess this will be classed as fake:

And this is what Ukraine is resorting to on the front, apparently:

Even Germany did not get that desperate in 1945.

Just get the peace deal done and keep the corporate fascists far away to fuck it up again.

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You’re right. It’s been all over the news, surprising none of us posted about it.

Perhaps it is partly because of far right ties. I assumed it had something to do with corruption and trying to get more ammo from the US

This is probably fake, I’m not going to bother looking into it

That’s an odd angle for the Russian media to spin. I thought to the Russian media Zelenskyy is a NAZI. Why would a NAZI fire another NAZI for hanging out with NAZIs?

Anyway, it’s not like Valerii Zaluzhnyi left on bad terms with Zelenakyy, at least not to the public.

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The EU is proposing to sanction companies in mainland China for the first time as part of its latest measures aimed at shutting down loopholes that allow Russia to route military technology via third countries to its weapons factories.

Three companies in mainland China, as well as four in Hong Kong and one in India, are on a 91-page document of companies and individuals who EU member states want to add to a growing sanctions list before the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tucker has a sad, as do all loyal Trumpies.

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I feel like there’s been an uptick in MAGA awareness lately, like the group-think is starting to fragment and the fog is lifting. I have some very conservative friends who I’d just plain given up on who started having somewhat rational things to say again lately, one even kinda sorta sounded apologetic! :man_shrugging:

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Looks like the Black Sea Fleet got a little smaller, again


Video here

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This is really good for Taiwanese deterrence.