Among various other things.

Cyber warfare in particular worries me.


We kicked their ass before and we can do it again. After all, there’s only so much global ass kicking you can do on a $43 billion dollar defense budget.



I think I would like them more once they recognize the Genocide. Maybe asking them to give up the 12 provinces that the SU illegally took from Armenia and gave to them, might be a stretch to ask of them. But then, so is Genocide recognition.


I was joking. Last I checked, Turkey was threatening to attack US-supported Kurdish positions in Manbij. So it sounds like they’re planning to commemorate the Genocide by organizing another one.


The beginnings of a constitutional crises?


Maybe doubling down on sanctions against Russia for allegedly sabotaging Clinton II’s presidential campaign while asking Russia to double down on sanctions against North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction program isn’t the brightest move.

I say it’s time to get over the butthurt and move on. Next time just pick a presidential candidate whose minions don’t use ‘password’ as their password so their dirty laundry and dirty tricks don’t get aired in public.


that’s exactly what a far right neo nazi would say!


@politbureau how could a LAW that was passed by a veto-proof supermajority in congress (517-5. That would include the GOP, just sayin) and signed by 45 himself, be the blame of the “Clintanistas”?

Remember, with 45 and his minions, the law is the law. He even recited the line in his oath. “…faithfully execute the laws…” and does not include “…except those I find inconvenient, or I do not like…” It will remain a law until it is either overturned by the courts, or revoked by congress.

Ah, the wreak of hypocrisy is strong with the right tonight.


But, vis a vis the Russia investigation, it appears the supporters of mr. 45 have nothing to fear. It is good to be the fox guarding the henhouse.





Not too powerful per se, but too popular. He can simply make it all go away by firing all involved, and he probably will do that.

But, I digress. He says all the populist buzzwords and stays focused on the IMMBOC issues. I am guessing even his most recent constitutional chicanery will be overlooked.


on this forum;

‘‘Trump’s popularity is too low, he’s finished’’

also on this forum;

‘‘Trump is too popular, he’s untouchable’’


Good question. I don’t know. I was under the impression that Democrats are the ones trying to wreak vengeance on commies any way they can as punishment for their electoral defeat. Maybe it’s because judicial activism is now the supreme law of the land that reeking sanctions is the only real power left to Congress and they wield it every chance they get, even if it increases the chances of North Korea making good on its repeated threats to wipe Washington DC off the face of the earth.


One man’s “constitutional chicanery” is another man’s “living constitution.” Take your pick.


In imitation of Ibby’s style… :slight_smile:

Comrade Smithbureau in 2016: The Supreme Politburo has five Democrats, which means it’s controlled by judicial activists! We desperately need a Republican majority to save the Constitution!

Comrade Smithbureau in 2018: The Supreme Politburo has five Republicans, which means it’s controlled by judicial activists! We desperately need, uh… something!