-Yes. I know this is a strange question. But I’m thinking of moving to Taiwan, and are there any Russians there? I’m in Korea and have spent some time with the russian community here, eating and drinking vodka. Since I speak Russian, and very very little Chinese, I’m wondering if there is any sort of russian-speaking social life there.
Thank you.

There is a small Russian community in Taipei. I suggest you send a PM to bryska, a part of that community. She doesn’t post very often, so you might have to wait a bit for a reply.

I wonder if theres even 100 Russians in Taiwan?

According to my russian sources, there should be around 200 - 300 in Taiwan, if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

So all in all, I guess you should be able to find some very nice russian people. Also, since you speak english, there are lots of foreigners here that do so, too - even some nice ones I guess :wink:

Russian_nick, here is the link to the russians’ forum in Taiwan :slight_smile:


I’ve met a good ten or so Russians in Taipei, studying Chinese. Mmm Russian women…so uninhibited…

спасибо bryska.