Ruten vs Shopee


So Forumosa helped me successfully get on Ruten and buy and ship and pay for things. Thank you!

Now, however, I tried to buy something on Ruten and the guy wanted me to use a Shopee account instead. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about–I thought he was saying something about shrimp shell, since this is the Chinese name.

I registered for a Shopee account–no ARC required. However, I can’t access the receipt he wanted me to use or find him on the site.

Why would you use shopee instead of Ruten? Is it cheaper for the seller? (I notice that the last two things I bought on Ruten the seller didn’t list them as sold, so I am assuming that some platforms charge more.) Any tips on Shopee?


I brought my first item off Shopee last week (replacement headphone cable). Registration seemed a bit too easy as all that was needed to create an account was an active mobile number, so intitial had my doubts about the platform (vs momoshop and PCHOME). I opted to pay on delivery to protect myself. My seller was good and shipping was fast (5 days). My shipping was free because i opted to pick up my item from Hi-life.

Interesting, after picking up my item I saw on my Shopee account that I had to verify that I had picked up and checked the item was good quality.

I think it is fine if you opt to pay when pick up. Like Ruten, the source of the item you buy is often unknown.


Thanks UnderWaterDuck!

I kind of suspect the seller is doing this to save $20NT or something? I successfully did the check out and selected a 7-11. I am wondering if I have to pay with visa or bank account? It doesn’t seem to offer me the 貨到付款 option. I am wondering if this is why the seller did it? I have not yet entered name, etc. so maybe I need to do that also. I don’t mind learning another system, but I have the feeling I’m going to end up with four different market accounts when they all seem to offer the same products.

If this gets insanely complicated or I don’t trust the seller, how hard is it to cancel an order on one of these services?


I think the guy isn’t offering the option to pay at 7-11, which is super annoying. I was supposed to either pay using credit card or bank card, and I’m not sure I want to give them to another vendor. Is there a cost to the seller of doing COD delivery? Just seems kind of strange to me.


I guess credit card is your safest option give you get some sort of protection on top of the Shopee protection…

No idea is they get charged for COD. I assumes there is a fee on any of the payment platforms. But given how often people do COD in Taiwan i’ll assume it is very little.


I think Shoppee has protection for vendors. Its just a way better service and platform in general.


That makes sense. The buyer ended up using Ruten and the shipping was 70nt more this way (100nt). I think there’s probably a 7-11 fee or something where vendors get dinged if the buyer never picks it up, because the buyer never offered this. I’m doing pay on delivery. This way it should come directly to me, and luckily we’re usually around. IDK, it’s a mixed bag for sure. I do think it’s a good thing for Taiwan to have more ways to sell and to encourage the selling of 2nd hand goods.


It seems Ruten has more junk (aka used/collectible stuff).


I ended up giving up on the guy who wanted to sell through Shopee. He wanted me to borrow a friend’s account or transfer money from my bank. This is reasonable, but at the end of the day if I can’t pay cash somewhere (to a delivery person, at 7-11 or the post office), it’s just too much of a hassle for me. I have to say I am kind of missing ebay/craigslist.


A lot of Taiwan sellers are posting stuff from taobao and then ordering from vendors based in China when someone makes a purchase. Mark-up seems to be 50-100% on some items I am looking at. I haven’t purchased from taobao or even registered yet as I just started looking today but it looks like some taobao sellers do 7-11/family mart payments and also visa/mastercard.


This was a used item (instrument part). He was originally selling it 20% and I asked for 50% off. I don’t think he’s reselling, but maybe it’s a high school or college student and they don’t want to do whatever it takes to sell on either system. I am noticing that any time I bought something in person or using post office they still listed the item, maybe so they don’t have to pay to Ruten. To me it seems like a lot of work to save a few percent. This guy has had the item listed for a year and I can’t believe it’ll sell.

I have had pretty good luck on other things. I’ve bought 3 instruments, all almost new, for around half price. But they were all domestically produced and hadn’t sold for a long time. In at least one case, the instrument was with grandma and they couldn’t sell for a couple of weeks. Funny system…


I’ve seen that as well, where for some reason people don’t always end auctions. And some killer items and deals exist where they haven’t sold for a long time. I recently bought a couple of bicycle frames that were listed for four years. These would have probably sold within weeks if not days in the U.S.


EBC, that’s definitely the upside–there are some things you can’t find anywhere else and occasionally you get a run of good deals. I’m hoping to add my 4th (and final for a while) instrument soon, and the seller and I are trading messages every 12 hours or so.

In the meantime, the guy who didn’t want to sell on Ruten to me, and then did, but then couldn’t, now wants to send it COD to the post office, but is asking for more contact in for me (line or fb). I don’t think he’s a scammer since the instrument piece has been up forever and he’s sold other stuff, but I’m trying to decide why he needs to know my real name. Maybe I could just give him cell #? That actually feels wiser. I’ll report back. Still wishing he could just ship to 7-11.


So now the Ruten guy has disappeared on me, but the instrument I am ordering on Shopee seems to be on track.

In that case, I chose to get delivery at the post office (this is what the deliverer wanted because s/he said the instrument’s probably too big for 7-11). For some reason Shopee is asking me to pay at 玉山商業銀行 and they have given me a 轉入帳號. I don’t know if that’s the individual’s account–I am guessing yes? I’m hoping I can go and pay cash there and get a receipt and then I’ll have to figure out what’s next.

Still a little bit more effort than I’d like. If libraries and banks and airlines can figure out how to do multiple languages, I wish the auction sites could do the same.


I think that’s normal. As long as you have a taiwan bank account you can transfer bank to bank. Sometimes the sellers like to get a cell phone pic of the receipt.


Today I went to the local E-Sun branch and the bank worker helped me pay the receipt at a little electronic kiosk they have. Taiwan’s so hi-tech!


What do you think of sellers on Ruten who have had things for sale for years but have zero feedback?