S Africans in TW: We may be able to vote in the SA election

Hi fellow Saffas

If you’ve been following the news back in SA you’ll see that we may be
given the chance to vote in the upcoming general elections
, despite
all the efforts of the ANC government to prevent this.

To do this, however, we need to apply for a “special vote” NOW - which
needs to be faxed to the IEC before midnight 27 February
. Even though
we do not currently qualify for a special vote we need to fill in the
application form in case this is changed. The Constitutional Court
should make a ruling pretty soon, seeing as the case for our right to
vote was recently won in the Pretoria High Court!

Also, there has been some confusion about registration to vote. Most people say that you have to register separately for each election (ie, even if you registered in '94 or any of the other elections, you have to register again). This does not seem to be true.

You can enter your ID number here to check your registration status. I registered for only one election before (due to being too young, and then being out of the country for another), but the IEC website says that I am registered and eligible to vote.

Follow the links on this page to check your registration status and apply for a special vote, so that in the event that we are granted the right to vote, we can put it to good use!

To fill in the form, you’ll need the address of the SA consulate in Taipei. The website is here.

The address is

Liaison Office of South Africa in Taiwan
Suite 1301,
13th FL.,
205 Tun Hwa North Rd.,
Taipei 105,

Let’s hope the Constitutional Court pushes through our right to vote!


You can enter your ID number here to check your registration status. [/quote]

This will also give you the information about what district you are registered to vote in. You need to do this to fill out the form as it requires the district number. So you need to go there, enter your SA Id number and get your info.

Will any Saffies in Taiwan be voting for the rapist Pres?

They’re all a bunch of idiots. That’s why I don’t live there anymore. When I look at South African politics I’m embarassed to call myself a South African. Mind you, Taiwanese politics is a total joke too, but I feel a lot safer living here. At the first election in '94 I spoiled my ballot for the general, and voted for the SOCCER party in the regional. All a bunch of corrupt moneygrubbers. And the pathetic DP. Quasi-liberal whiteys pretending to be a party for “change” whilst merely protecting white capital. At the best, a pressure group. They all make me sick.