$$$s! animated gif needed for internet ad

Can anyone out there put together a nice eye-catching gif we can use for advertising purposes on the internet?

Will pay.

Need this asap - our designer has gone awol!



How about large, luxurious language school that hasn’t returned a profit for over 4 years seeks more investors and/or a change of management to prepare for sale! :laughing:

Do you want some free proofreading on your site? :slight_smile:

“Insight into IELTS”

Practise is usually a verb, while practice can be both - I thought the usage suggested a noun (ie you have practice tests available) but you could indeed mean they will get the chance to ‘practise tests’. I found one site which suggests practise can be used as a noun variant, but I’ve never seen it myself.

There is a double space between ‘what is’ and ‘expected’

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