SA Elections '09 - The Curious Matter Of The Intact Foreskin

The story so far…

Quite aside from his supportive comments regarding his ANC handlers - taking up arms and killing for Zuma, razing the jail that holds Winnie, saying that Zuma’s alleged rape victim rather enjoyed herself with the big fella - and his very valuable years spent in educational institutions (“G” [less than 40%] for woodwork, “H” [less than 33%] for math) before finishing high school at the age of 21, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema drags SA politics into a period of stupidity not seen since at least last November in the US.

[quote] “We are challenging Malema to a public debate… Just name the time and place Julius,” said DA Youth national leader Khume Ramulifho, in a statement.

This comes after a Sunday Times story that Malema called DA leader Helen Zille a “racist, colonialist and imperialist”, at an African National Congress rally held at Cato Manor, Durban on Saturday.

Malema also said Zille’s deputy Joe Seremane’s “role is to smile at the madam every time”.

The DA said Malema had bitten off more than he could chew by attacking its leaders. [/quote]

So Malema strikes back, eloquently as always…

[quote]ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has turned down a challenge to publicly debate his DA counterpart, saying he won’t spar with “Helen Zille’s garden boys”.

Malema issued the rebuff on Sunday night when asked by the Cape Argus whether he would enter the ring with DA youth leader Khume Ramulifho, who had dared Malema to debate him…

Malema on Sunday night spurned the offer to face up to his opposition counterpart, saying, “There is no DA youth”.

“The last time we had a DA youth was when they defected to the ANC. There is no DA youth in South Africa.”[/quote]

So, Ramulifho rolled up his sleeves, and dealt out his own pugilistic response…

[quote]“In using the perversely racist term ‘garden boy’ in reference to me, Malema has also once again shown himself to be a petty little man who is unable to engage in meaningful debate, and capable only of resorting to the basest form of gutter politics to make his point,” Ramulifho said.’

He added that the controversial African National Congress Youth League leader’s remarks showed that he would “do no better than a garden gnome were he to engage in a debate with the DA Youth”.[/quote]

Even the Freedom Front weighed in at this point (from the same article)…

[quote]Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder also condemned Malema’s rhetoric, which he compared to that used by Rwanda’s Hutu militia during the genocide in that country in 1994.

“Julius Malema is no true leader. He is only a dangerous rabble rouser and spreader of hate. This is the easiest type of politics. To bad-mouth opponents and call them cockroaches and snakes, anyone can do,” he said.

“A million Tutsis were murdered in 1994 in the genocide in Rwanda. That was preceded by hate speech in which Tutsis were described as cockroaches which had to be eradicated.”[/quote]

And then Helen Zille got involved, attacking the Malema Member with this beaut…

[quote]Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille should think about the man she is sleeping with before calling other people “inkwenkwe”, or “uncircumcised boys”, says ANC treasurer-general Mathews Phosa.

In what is fast turning into a mud-slinging match between the parties, Phosa referred to off-the-cuff remarks made by Zille in KwaNobuhle, near Port Elizabeth, at the weekend, when she used this isiXhosa word in referring to ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema.

Zille was responding to remarks reportedly made by Malema on Saturday at an ANC rally in Cato Manor, near Durban, when he called her a “racist, colonialist and imperialist”, and said DA deputy Joe Seremane’s “role is to smile at the madam every time”.

Phosa said an inkwenkwe was the lowest possible thing that you could call a man in isiXhosa.

"What she says is that he is uncircumcised. What if we say that about her husband, because he is not circumcised.

Malema is not circumcised, but let us not go there, let’s keep it decent.
We think the call is more an electioneering stunt," Phosa said.

“She stooped very low in her response, very low. It means that she is not able to take the punches that we do. She is hysterical. As a leader, she went below the bar with her response,” he said.

Phosa said the ANC would respond to Zille’s remarks in a similar way, “to try to make her aware that if you throw mud, there’s a lot of mud around. Anyone can throw mud.”

He said the DA was playing people, and not policies, but he denied that Malema had done the same in his remarks.[/quote]

You also have to pity the ANC Women’s League, which has had to demean itself and support this lad…

[quote]ANC Women’s League president Angie Motshekga came out in support of her embattled youth league colleague, Julius Malema, on Thursday, saying that although he was the black sheep of a big family, it did not mean they should abandon him.

Motshekga, also an ANC national executive committee member, said every family had a problem child.

She was visiting a church at KwaMakhutha, south of Durban, as part of the women’s league’s election campaign in KwaZulu-Natal.

“Julius is a member of the ANC, he is not the ANC, so we are asking people not to vote for Malema but for the ANC on the basis of its campaign and manifesto. We are all responsible for him. All of us have a duty to guide him,” she said.[/quote]

Fuck yeah! Political silly season!

I know I should follow the lore of the IP Forum and, as a lightweight in here, link to his Wikipedia page, but I have the common sense to know that this wouldn’t be smart, considering what happened last year…

5 more years, just 5 more years until things can start to change.

So, who’s registered?

[quote]Opposition parties are overjoyed at the ruling by the Constitutional Court to allow registered voters living overseas to vote during the April 22 elections.

DA federal chairperson James Selfe said they were relieved that the Constitutional Court had agreed with them on the matter.

“We are delighted at this outcome. We are delighted that the court has extended the application for special votes to March 27. We have been approached by 20 000 people outside (the country) and we will communicate this decision to them,” he said.[/quote] … 965138O162

That’s amazing. Didn’t understand a word though. I guess SA politics is difficult.
And somehow about foreskin.


Bob H. // foreskin of workers class

it’s a brave new world, indeed.