Saab convertible

Hi, I was watching some movie (sorry, not sure which one, zapped too much) on the telly yesterday evening where somebody drove a Saab convertible. When she started it, it looked to me as if she was fumbling around in between the two front-seats as if the ignition was down there somewhere - anybody know whether that’s possible? Thanks, Xpet.

Saabs have their ignition between the seats. Easier accessible that way. The only downside I see is if you spill a gallon of coffee over it.

Mr He, thanks! Interesting, I was reminded of the old Fiat 500 series that were started by pulling two (or one??) small lever between the seats. Thanks! Xpet.

I miss changing gears in my 2CV, the silliest car ever built.

Oh yes! The 2CV a silly car just like the people that built it! :raspberry: Sorry could not resist! :notworthy:

Given the choice between a top of the line SAAB 9-5 and a 2cv I would pick the saab.

A Saab will make you sob. :laughing:

Me, too - down the highway; but I’d prefer a 2CV across a ploughed field!

I had a 2CV for about a year in my wild university days before I crashed it, it was an absolute fun car, the cheapest “convertible” available, but it had about the worst seats I’ve ever sat in, and to replace the break-pads you had to take off almost the entire front, spare parts were very expensive, so not the user-friendliest car there was. I totalled it in a two-car pile-up, smashing it into the car in front of me with maybe a max of 25km/h, but the 2CV was destroyed beyond repair, half the motor-block was sitting next to me on the passenger seat, the frame thing they use as a chassis was broken in half and I was sitting on street-level … as I say, a fun car … :wink: I’ve never sat in a SAAB (we’re a Volvo family back home …), but I’ve always liked them a lot.

Congratulations your marketing ploy to attract French people to the Taven will work wonders. :unamused: