SAD in Taipei with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Out of boredom, I moved my desk at home as close as possible to and facing a window with the most light and sky view.

It really helped my mood more than I ever expected. It’s really just on the other side of the room.

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real.

Taipei especially wow it is so SAD.

Taipei even more SAD because it’s kind of ongoing all year around except for occasional periods of some sunshine and rare blue skies.


Windows makes a huge difference.

If you are locked in a cell with no window, vs. a cell with window, even well secured, the cell with window is preferable to ones without.

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I love cloudy, cool weather but prefer it to rain at night while I sleep.

Not having the sun sear my eyeballs all day and not sweating constantly are welcome.

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There are studies for/against vitamin D deficiency being linked to SAD.
Either way, unless people are allergic to Vit D, it should be taken at appropriate levels along with Vit C, depending on one’s own health, etc.


With Taipei’s gloomy weather, I find that actually getting outdoors helps—it’s often brighter than it looks from inside.

I also recommend a nice cup of cocoa at a well-lit cafe. :grin:



Yes, this is 100% true. Go up a mountain when it’s not raining but still overcast and you will feel so much better afterward (it really is brighter than you thought when indoors). Add in a little pain when going up (run and don’t walk!) and you’ll feel even better. I’m very big on surpassing a certain threshold of pain during exercise to, among other things, help your mental health. Living in the moment is so important. When you hit that pain threshold, I promise you’re not thinking of the past or worrying about the future.


Yeah amazing how so much stuff can just be sweat out


It surely would make sense that Vit D is linked to SAD. Should we need Vitamin supplements? Vit C is readily available for a very small price at the local wet market, Vit D comes Free of Charge when you walk there.

Supplements are primarily to enrich and empower Big Pharma

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It hasn’t rained that much this year. It was a lot worse last year. I think December 2020 was literally a whole month of rain in the north it was ridiculous.

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How can you be SAD? Reading your posts it seems you’re more outside, around the island than at home.

Anyways, I don’t think many Taiwanese will get SAD as their homes are very well lit all day with artificial light, and I mean really bright.

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That’s something that should be shared in the wack thread. So bright and cold. Fluorescent lights everywhere like we had in our garage back home. I don’t know what’s up with that.

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Or dark and dingy, “to save electricity.”

Thankfully some welcoming cafes have figured out the lighting and space things. It’s amazing how much better they are than some apartments and homes!



North Korean prison fluorescent lighting makes them happy you think?

It rained all October last year I remember that, every day. It is much better this year.

Luckily there are lots more choices of color temperature now.

People here are starting to realize that 3500-4500K is much more comfortable.

5000-6500K for studying.

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This cool, gray weather makes me HAPPY. :relaxed:

I make sure to have a walk or short bike ride during my lunch break, get some sunlight. Also, working at home if I can, because there my desk gets some natural light instead of only artificial light.
But still, I’ve been feeling the SAD fatigue quite a lot lately. (It got better some days because I had to go to a seminar in Kaohsiung :star_struck: :star_struck:)


I take vitamin D and C for the British weather. It’s an absolute must.


Hope I don’t accidentally take a short walk off a tall building :wall:

That’s why my entire home is string lights. I won’t call them Christmas lights anymore because I don’t even turn on the other lights. It helps a lot with the mood