Saddam in his Underwear

US Army issue. 100% cotton. And free laundry service.

Now where is that woodchopper…?

Don’t the British always put these photos on page 3?

I’m wondering why these are apparently not going to cause riots.

Show him with his hands down his pants.


There are some things the world never needs to see.

probably because a large number of iraqis would be happy to see his dead corpse and not just some underwear shots?

I was thinking more probably because the whole Newsweek-caused-the-riots thing was bullshit, but your idea certainly has its merits.

Now if he’d gotten the Mussolini/Ceaucescu treatment in his underpants, that would’ve been worth seeing- though since I am (theoretically) against the death penalty, I would have strongly “tsk, tsked” before turning the page.

Sorry everybody but I personally think this photo (I only saw one) should never have been released. Quite shocking really. I agree with what I read in the newspaper on Sunday: America should set the example here. Aren’t they the ones who are always talking about human rights? Is this what human rights look like? It also shows just how much/little control the military have over their own personnel. Are military personnel still alowed to walk around and take photos at will in a maximum (or whatever) security prison. Even after the previous debacle for which people are now being send to jail? Is this the so-called most powerfull military force in the world? Got the equipment, lack the basics… like discipline and control over your subordinates. Wouldn’t wanna infringe on the subordinates’ human rights now, do we? Might get sued perhaps? Come on, it’s not rocket science! What exactly were ‘they’ thinking. That the Saddam hardliners will be thrilled? Delighted? That they would swear allegiance to the coalition forces? Come on fer f*%^#s sakes.

Erm, calm down Stanley, I guess ‘they’ weren’t thinking now, were they? I’m truly sorry if I’m pissing off some of my American colleagues here, but I think this whole photograph thing is in very f*%4&ing poor taste. :noway:

Well, better to see him in his underwear than wearing a black suit and mafia hat and shooting a salute in the air, like in the old days.

Well, yes, should not be taken, such a photograph, but Kurdish children should not be killed as well, so … I guess I just do not care about this little violation of his rights.

Methinks the Pentagon has certainly not learned its lesson since Abu Ghraib, and that this is a problem that could be solved relatively simply. We need to keep a tighter leash on our troops, train them better, and have clear and harsh penalties for those who break the rules. The Pentagon is just doing this to themselves by 1) not making a strong enough effort to deal with the problem, and 2) by the whole insane thing about what constitutes an “enemy combatant” or “prisoner of war,” and who gets protection under the Geneva Convention and who shouldn’t. They should all, frankly, have protection under the Geneva Convention just because this would silence alot of the conspiracy theorists and people claiming that all kinds of stuff is happening in these prison camps. Let the Red Cross in and check it out.

These are symptoms common to all very large organizations wherein the leadership refuses to identify, formulate, impelement, and monitor effective control systems. Responsibility for organizational failures of this type justifiably rests with the president.

Sigh. It really is just this simple: George Bush is apparently incapable of providing effective leadership here. This hardly qualifies as news, and outcomes like these are easily predictable. And when US citizens reelected George Bush, they in effect sanctioned every aspect of his leadership style, including outcomes identical to this. Americans having mistaken the fanning of the flames of fear by the Republicans as a cooling breeze in 2004 led us directly to this point. If Bush were truly the CEO of the USA, the board of directors would have fired his sorry ass long ago.

It’s been an obvious problem with the Bush administration since before 9/11. Christ, Iraq has been 10% hope, 90% total clusterfuck since day one. Any outrage expressed by Americans over this and Abu Ghraib is bald hypocrisy at best (and expression of the kind of earnest, well-meaning, lethal American do-gooder-ness identified by Graham Greene at worst).

This blot won’t be the last, not under the current American leadership anyway. :idunno:


Well lets all thank G-d he wasn’t wearing them on his head.:smiley:

That would have sent a lot of people completely off their nut. :unamused: