Sadly a tech youtuber in Taiwan has passed away

Not sure if many of you follow tech hardware on youtube, but TechShowdown was a good channel and had a good host. Also, he had moved here about a year ago from New Zealand.

Somehow he got sick recently, and was put into a coma. I was going to put the GoFundMe page to help with costs for his care, but…he passed away today… yet I think it would be nice to still donate to help his family with costs. Just sad news.

GoFundMe link :

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Wow, the guy was young and this hit so suddenly. I’m very curious as to the cause of the infection. Condolences to his family.

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I didn’t know him or his channel, but this is horrifying. I can’t imagine a worse nightmare for his loved ones. We never know how much time we have on this Earth…

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Tragic. Condolences to his family.

Curious what bacterial infection could cause such damage to the organs. And where he could have infected himself.

My grandmother died of bacterial meningitis in her 60s. It happened very suddenly, and it probably robbed her of at least a decade or two of her life. Maybe he got something similar to that?

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Flesh eating bacteria can turn a very healthy, strong person to dead in 72 hours.

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Your contributions are so appreciated, and any amount will go towards his medical bills, transport back home, and the Taipei and NZ services we put together for him.

Won’t the authorities release the body without paying the medical bills or whats the deal here?

It has all the hallmarks of a superbug. In the video they mention they have sent a sample to the CDC for culturing. He posted a youtube clip from Vietnam about a month ago.


I’m afraid it will be more of a problem soon because we over prescribe antibiotics. People are really uneducated on basic biology. You see it with how people believe AC makes you sick and other silly nonsense.

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I can’t stand this. If I get a cold during the summer, I still need the AC. And you don’t “sweat out” a cold.

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What do you mean? Detoxing is not a thing? I mean we have no organs that can detox us so. Lol

People fall for some really stupid stuff too. Like colon cleansing.

They hand them out like candy at all the surgeries on the main street here. Basically every time you go, you are walking out with a pack of antibiotics. Some of them have no info or product branding, just in nameless packaging…

Agreeing with you mostly, but I can see the attraction of a good colon detox. Has to be beneficial for the colon to get a decent cleanse once in a while (not that I’ve ever fully done it). Not talking about stripping out all the healthy bacteria and leaving it raw and pink, but just a nice smooth-out of the lining.

RIP to the young guy.

Info on what happened here posted by tech youtuber Kev’s brother Adam:


yup but they’re not doing that (the doctors) because they don’t understand they’re doing it to cover themselves. Occasionally secondary infections happen when the immune weak from a viral attack as non expelled mucus can cause bacterial infection even though it was a virus that started it. Yes, they have zero effect on the virus but can help protect against secondary infection. Is that worth the consequence of super bugs , totally no.

Some antibiotics are kept back as a fall back.

Guess what happened?
Chinese pig farmers used one of those life lines to feed to their stock. And of course over time super bugs resistant to this antibiotic transferred to humans. Now this bridge is burned. But hey some farmers made more profit. :moneybag: