Safe, legal, places to get kids out of the house in level 3?!

Have car will travel, have kids will go mental if cooped up for another weekend.

It seems the beaches are all closed, (large) public parks closed and some hiking trails. Some hiking trails appear to still be legally open, not sure what defines whether they are off limits or not.

Riverside paths are still open however kids have pretty much had their fill of walking on them and being almost run over by cyclists, not to mention other pedestrians.

Welcome any ideas to get out in some fresh air and sunshine, legally, safely etc!


Shaded road for a hike. Not a hiking trail. An actual road that can’t be closed but on which people still hike, cycle, etc. We’ve also been doing different things in the car: going out to get ice cream, letting my son steer with me operating the accelerator and brake (he’s 9), letting my daughter drive (she’s 17), getting lunch and eating it in the car (parking is a bit of an issue in Taipei but not impossible). There’s a watering hole on Xiwan Road which we might visit and swim in if nobody else is there.

Twinkeze Mexican restaurant has great parking nearby. It’s a bit messy for in the car eating, but it can be done!


Thanks. Re eating in the car, we did that at Costco and then got a friendly heads up that it’s apparently illegal! If there is more than one person in the car everyone needs to wear masks…


how old?

bird watching in your neighborhood around park, school, street etc.
bird can be insects, plants, or else.
have lunch or snack on rooftop, if empty.
open space in front of your apartment or house if nobody complaints.


We have tinted windows and I’m 100% sure no cop is going to do more than give you a warning with just you, the wife, and kids in the car. I can see how they would be weird about this in a mall parking lot, at the Costco parking lot, etc., though.


Legally I can’t help, because these ridiculous rules about going outside are just that. I’m waiting for the people in charge to see sense. They won’t lose face, they can just say that the situation has changed and people can go outdoors without hassle.

Every other country got it wrong. Taiwan could have been number one in not getting it wrong.


We actually went to an outdoor and remote area of the parking lot near the deliveries, was another family doing the same thing, it’s more used by employees and vendors than customers but is open to the public. Costco warehouse employee warned that some nice person had been taking pictures with the intention of reporting people and had called the cops on a couple of occasions in the previous weeks…

Will try somewhere even more remote! Perhaps take turns eating in the car…


Riverside pathways are a favourite of mine.


Parks are closed? I’ve only seen the gazebos and playgrounds closed, but the parks themselves are open.

I go to Daan park every night and it’s quite open.


They will prefer to DIE than lose face. And they will think they will lose face

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Oh, thanks, was sure I had seen an announcement where they were said to be closed!

National Parks are closed. Municipal parks are open but park facilities are closed.

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Came here to say this. I especially like the Xinyi-Neihu one, either side. Dadaocheng area is not bad either. :+1:

A nice youbike/stroll along either of these is probably going to be a nice time. One of the few places in Taipei that I can take my shirt off and it feel normal. :rofl:


The biggest problem with it is we try to pick times when there are less people out on the path, that’s also the time some idiot cyclists think they’re in a speed trial and, for some unknown reason, are massively drawn towards the marked pedestrian only lane. Barely tolerable for adults, not so great when you’re with kids.

Other than that, agreed, the riverside paths are great!


One of greatest delusions about Taiwan actually.


Most nature areas are probably the safest places to be now. The human panic towards this virus is a real issue as your legal question comes into play. Go to a forest or somewhere and follow the 10 person rule. In reality, when these rules are made they are made to be a bit grey and undoubtedly open to any opinion or interpretation. They can easily fine you based on 10 people if we are using land boundaries. I imagine there are over 10 people in every national park (or any park) at any given time, as an example.

I would just go somewhere away from people and be normal, with masks and not get too paranoid about it. There are quite a lot of unused naural areas around taiwan, especially if you have a car…

Are you hairy? :howyoudoin:

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How about the park that shall not be mentioned?

It is the one around Liuchangli, avoided by locals as they think it is haunted.

Or the beach? Maybe on Taoyuan side.

I think I saw folks walking around Flora Expo park.

C’mon man, think of all the grannies you’d put in danger by going out on your own to fish or hike…

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Not really, nope :joy:

I would hate to be hairy in a climate like this. I’m guessing it would be even more hot