Safe, legal, places to get kids out of the house in level 3?!

This is so stupid. You can eat together in your home but your car somehow is different…


Actually plenty of countries have allowed outdoor activities even though they were ‘level 3’. Taiwan is being excessive right now.

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One problem would be if they allow a person/group of people to eat in their car, it would be difficult to rationalize why the same person/group of people can’t eat outside of their car, say, on a bench in a park or at a beach (and they can’t). I guess they need to draw the illogical line somewhere…

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Taiwan is always knee jerk for nearly everything. This seems about par for the course, no?


Obviously people can eat in their offices but not outdoors .or in their own cars (at least on private premises) Although construction workers somehow can eat…Somewhere. It is barmy.


Cant eat in the car? I do. The police here do a well. There are no places to eat in, or eat outdoors. Last i read single occupancy cars are fine with no mask…i cant see that excluding eating rights. But i also wouldnt be surprised if it did haha…its a mad world.

Yes we eat in our car…Which I don’t like…Messy.

But on a private premses like Costco it seems they didn’t welcome it.

Issue isn’t the premises it’s having to wear a mask in the car if you’re not alone, can’t eat without taking off the masks…

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Therein lies an issue. Chicken and egg situation.

This is why i mentioned it seems taiwan makes laws to intentionally be grey so they can prosecute at will or ignore if not worthy. It drives the best of us mad with this constant insequrity and fuckery that is taiwanese law. Regardelss of ccp virus or any other situation.


Be careful out there! Taipei cop fines couple for drinking water in car | Taiwan News | 2021-07-16 16:56:00


That’s just insane.

Completely, especially the power trip from the cop when he got resistance. Still haven’t heard how much, if anything, Delta granny down in Pingtung was fined for breaking quarantine leading to near 20 people being infected so far.

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If people drive by themselves, all family members living in the car can eat and drink; if they are family members who do not live together, the others should still wear masks when one of them eats and drinks.


What are the rules about eating in a car?
Are you allowed to eat with other members of your immediate family? We have a large family and we some times have to travel far.

I bike, I need to eat and drink. I assumed, if you maintained I respectful distance from people either on a park bench or a piece of grass you could consume your food and beverage?

Because of the sun, I wear those mask/hat combos. The mask loosely covers your face.
I normally remove my regular mask and eat/drink behind the hat mask?
Ok or not ok?

Also, don’t you think the closing of bathrooms and especially places to wash your hands decreases hygiene?
I can only find gas stations that have public bathrooms now…

Just to clarify, this was mentioned in the presser today.


Indeed. He says it is OK.


I guess those guys are due a refund and an apology so !

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A small level of sanity returns!


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