Safe sex=great sex.use latex so u dont get a 'I'm late' text

more advice to follow

Almost suitable for Jimi’s poetry thread.

TT as the hiphop of coitus

This sound interesting. I hope it’s a joke.

surely should be 'safe sex=great sex.use latex so you don’t get a[color=#FF0000]n[/color] ‘I’m late’ text"?

must be latex? Surely there are other methods?

pig intestines
male pill
false phone number…

from an expecting ex . . .

with X-ray specs!

with a vex

Why latex? Don’t you crave the smell (and sting!) of raw leather?

Sure, you could avoid the “I’m late text”, but not the you have HIV test (result).

Mmmmm… Catwoman…

I’ll take two of those…