Safety for women in Taiwan

Hello, I am a foreigner and I am wondering about rape situation in Taiwan, is Taiwan safe for women are rape crimes low or is it a very big problem, please be honest

Rape crimes are not a very big problem. Most of the rape victims are between 16-18. New Taipei City has highest rape crimes reported but it’s not very telling as New Taipei City is basically all the places surrounding Taipei with a huge population of 4.6m while Taipei has around 2.7m people. New Taipei city also has a younger population due to prices of rent and property, I’m guessing rapists mostly target younger women.

That being said, most of the rape happens in the household or with people the victim knows in Taiwan.

So if your worry is being raped walking around by a random person, the risk is low. Taiwan is very safe for women, there are not really bad areas of town like in other cities. Taipei is interesting that you have million dollar high rises next to a run down building.


I am not a woman, I am just curious

Avoiding trouble is easy in Taiwan with common sense. You have to be really looking for trouble for it to happen outside of some freak circumstances. Even the gangs in Taiwan will leave you alone, they aren’t like in other countries where they mess with civilians like muggin and stabbing people walking around.

I’m currently residing in England, and that is a daily concern and I live in a safe area. They still happen daily around me.


I feel its pretty safe on the street. However rape within families, work and school is unforunately not uncommon. As a traveller, that side of tape wouldnt likely enter your world.


Reported cases last year are 170 with 176 victims.

It’s even worse in China.

Everybody in China gets raped by the CCP, and says thank you afterwards.


I feel like marital rape might be an issue with how patriarchal society can still be here.

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Thats exactly what i mean by above post :slight_smile:

I think rape is as common here as any other developed country, the issues I feel Taiwan has is a lack of regulation, at times indifferent police force and a very long and dragged out progress for victims to report their abusers. I’ve known two victims here who refused to report their abusers because what actually involves a rape conviction here, this is even worse if the crimes took place in some sort of organization that can weaponize it’s resources to stop any bad media leaking out.

This last point I want to build on, Taiwan also has issues with intense liberalism and lack of regulation in law regarding religious groups. There are many churches and cult like religious circles that are very closed doors in their operation. If there is an issue like rape or groping in these places it will be hushed away by the leadership and in one example I’ve heard the abuser was still free to be left alone with females in the same room even after his crime was reported to church leadership, because he “repented”. The only thing that changes was the victim being wisked away to a different church, but obviously this news never leaked out of the said church or made it to the police.

Also I would say Taiwanese nightlife is certainly very “hands on” compared to euro countries if you decide to step into a nightclub here, for a large minority of guys they see any woman in a nightclub as nothing more than meat to be groped and felt up sadly. Similar issues have existed on public transport with groping but with greater awareness and reporting this is being combated in recent years.

my two cents from living here.


Indeed. i feel schools and religions are very similar here in their handling of rape and molestation. Truly sad.

Meaningless figure. Police in Taiwan laugh at most young rape victims and tell them to go home and stop wasting their time. Ask anyone who works in Taiwan KTVs about the carnage they see on the average Friday or Saturday night. Guys will target a girl with repeated gan beis until the girl is too drunk to defend herself and then have their merry way with them. It’s up to the KTV workers to get the girls back into their clothes and into a taxi once the room has emptied out


That is what I meant by “reported”. With the number and previous posts, you shuld be able to get some idea on the situation in Taiwan.

I would say it very much is a rape culture. I’ve been told multiple times by Taiwanese men, in a nudge nudge wink wink way, that if you can get a girl back to your home, or into a hotel room, then you can do whatever you want with them. The girl would never have a case to go to the police with since it was her “mistake” in the first place.

Or maybe you just hang out with assholes?

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The issue is how many assholes there are, not so much if someone knows them.


I have a problem with the “rape culture” concept. I’m not sure how well that fits here. Is raping something that this culture condones and promotes? really? or it’s something more related to certain social circles and/or human nature?

The culture condones it. It’s fuck all to do with my social circles and that comment of yours is extremely offensive.