Safety in Taiwan

How would you compare safety in Taiwan to your home country?

driving and pollution is a lot less safe. driving is the worst. just from crossing the road you are risking death because the cars will leave like an inch gap between you and them. i don’t see things going well if theres need for an emergency stop.

other things are a lot safer though. people walk around with their phones hanging out of their back pocket like its nothing. its great in that way.

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Generally don’t have to worry about random violence, getting pick-pocketed. Don’t worry about getting my phone stolen while using it (like happens in some SE Asia countries).

People usually leave your stuff alone. Unless it’s a bike, scooter or car that hasn’t been moved for several weeks, then it seems to be fair game for someone stealing it.

On the other hand, traffic is scary. More likely to get in an accident here on a scooter or in a car.

Much safer than Istanbul lol.

Yeah, the threat of extremist violence here is pretty minimal…one of the few advantages of being pretty much isolated from international affairs. I guess there is the looming threat of a Chinese invasion, but everyone just seems to ignore that possibility and get on with their daily lives. The most violent thing that will probably happen is economic integration with China.

As long as you mind your own business, and don’t get caught up in the seedier side of the nightlife, the chances of being a victim of violent crime are pretty low. The traffic, on the other hand, is truly dangerous, for drivers and pedestrians alike. It’s kind of like Death Race 2000, but with way less cool cars.

As others have mentioned, aside from motor vehicle traffic (mostly in the major cities), Taiwan is a relatively safe place to live.

I can’t count how many times I’ve left my keys in the ignition in my scooter only to go back 10 minutes to 2 hours later and find it still there. These are in very busy high pedestrian areas too!

I also regularly use my phone to keep my seat in restaurants or food courts. Always there when I return. However, this is within business districts where most of the people having lunch there are 9-5ers.

Just make sure when you cross the road…you look both ways, twice. Even if it’s a green light.

Forgot to mention stray dogs. There are quit a few of them. It seems to have gotten better in Taipei. But going hiking, I sometimes encounter stray dogs. Some bark and growl at me, some run away, some just stare. Never been attacked yet, but they do make me nervous.

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Good to know. I’m used to bad traffic/driving having lived in Vietnam so it cant be any worse.