Safety Tips for a White Guy

90630 is obviously a troll. Either that, or someone so emotionally stunted that they should seek counseling.

Ignore them either way.

chainsmoker - thanks for the pic! Do I laugh or throw up?

I can understand not wanting any pics of Al Gore, but porn? What’s going on here? :smiley:

i might accept gore pics if that beaver that used to be stuck over his smug mug is blurred or something.

Blue, for both your sakes, you’d better be on your guard against your boyfriend getting picked up by predatory local ladies hunting for foreigners in pubs, otherwise he might catch genital warts. Though not a Paraguayan diplomat, he’d best beware of this common Taiwanese affliction.


[quote=“Spack”]If you are simply talking about public safety, Taiwan is a much safer place than many western countries. That is not to say crimes never occur here - in fact the crime rate seems to be increasing if you believe what you read in the papers. Despite that, I feel much much safer living in Taiwan than I did when I was living in the UK, and I would guess that it is safer here than most other western countries too.
That is my very humble opinion about safety in Taiwan.

Don’t listen to people who endlessly slag Taiwan. Taiwan is a mixed bag, warts-and-all kind of a place. Stay for a year for an ‘interesting life experience’ and then if you really can’t stand it anymore you can run back to where you came from. If you ever come to Taichung (Taizhong), give me a pm and we could go out and have some bubble green tea (bring your bf of course!)[/quote]

You know I have read the Bible and the some of the Koran, but that was about the most brilliant set of dos and donts I ever read–brought tears to my eyes.


esltaiwan - thanks, but what are you on exactly? Can I have some?!

:laughing: I’m glad I didn’t have to say it.

Seriously, esltaiwan, what ARE you talking about? I read what Spack wrote three times and still don’tt know if you were making fun or sincere. You don’t have to explain yourself, but I was really :? when I read it.

New Zealand Date

The picture is from Australia - the vegetation and distinctive red earth shown in the photo can not be found in N.Z. Besides the practice of keeping sheep as girlfriends has traditionally been more common in Australia because of the higher male:female ratio. Also White settlers in New Zealand were more willing to marry the local Maori than Aussies were the Abos. But on the other hand, N.Z. sheep do tend to be cuter.

Definitively an Aussie with a good taste in girlfriends.

The ones I know often tell me that they miss the sheep from back home…

I often wondered about that… not any more.

Well, I’ve never had that problem. Girls tend to stay well away from me (as do animals… :?) But yeah, I don’t think the girls here are terribly voracious; just don’t tell them you love them…

And, as a sheep-loving Australian, I am deeply offended that it be suggested that we screw sheep any more than New Zealanders do. That’s proposterous. I think perhaps Australians miss the sheep because Australian lamb is delicious, not because the sheep are a good screw. (Our sheep are cuter though, it’s true.)

Dear Crazy Canadian Grrl,

TAIWAN is very DANGEROUS for you! IF you come, then be PREPARED for the WORST. Chinese WIMMYN in Taiwan are INDEED the DRAGON LADIES OF ASIA and they RUN the country. (You go GRRLZ!) The MAFIA is run by Chinese VHMP but they are PUPPETS of the DRAGON LADIES. Anyway, foreign VHMP are considered DRAGON LADY territory and they will stop at NOTHING to steal your VHMP from you! You can not WIN. They are very RESOURCEFUL and use PHAROAH-MOANS and PHAROAH-MEMES to gain control of a VHMP. Your VHMP should STAY HOME or you may never SEE him AGAIN :shock:

Hope this helps!

Blessed be,
Lesbrianna Joy

PS I will cast a SPELL for you that will PROTECT YOU from the MAGICK of the DRAGON LADIES. I can’t help your VHMP until he greets me AS IS APPROPRIATE OF my WICCAN STATION.

“Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty.
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.”
If he SAYS these words, I may consider casting a spell to make UNATTRACTIVE to the WILY DRAGON LADIES!

Fantastic. I’m in awe.

LesB, well the spell certainly worked on you !

HA HA HA HA… Werq me goddamit!

And blueulyssess, “cup” refers to a guardpiece for your man’s love muscles. Now whether it’s to protect the thing within or the world outside, that I’m not sure. :wink:

It is possible to be male, foreign, young and not screw around while staying in Taiwan.

Even without steady girlfriends, the mormons would appear to be chaste.