Sail around the world

I just received this!

[quote]Hi! sailors…

 Mr. Maeda has a 40 feet Farr sailboat "YAIMA", now is under training and around Taiwan.

He is going to around the world with his youngest son in the end of this month, this is the second time he around the world. start from Ishigaki, then first stop will be in Singapore, then South Africa…then…Europe…U.S.A…go through Panama Canal… , Mr. Maeda welcome sailor join his journey, only if you can speak English or Japanese, and this journey could takes two years…

if you are interesting, please contact Capt. Hiroshi Maeda:[/quote]

Obviously, remove your pants before contacting him.

Is that 2 years there and 2 years back? Or 2 in total?

Does it matter? If you can put your life on PARK for two years, you may as well go for four ?

I was open to this until I got the the part about removing my pants before contacting him.

Plus, he’s japanese. I heard those guys are all into giant squid porn. Beware sailors.

After years of begging by his divorced, loner, sailor dad, 15 years ago, my young tenant finally relented – largely because everyone including myself said, “fuckin’ awesome dude, you’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity” – and agreed to embark on a meticulously planned 3-year trip around the world on his dad’s tiny sailboat. They left from Sacramento, California and made it to San Diego, where they encountered mechanical problems and, more importantly, the son was sick and tired of being confined on the tiny boat with his crazy dad and sick and tired of bathing in the same water they’d used to cook pasta with and would next use to flush the toilet, so he jumped ship, headed back north, and never spoke to his former friends again out of utter shame and humiliation over his cowardice and failure.

But I’m sure a trip with this guy would be completely different. Sounds great. Go for it. :thumbsup:

And now, all you have are the bitter memories and a “Hello Sailor” tattoo.
Thank you MT for helping us understand where you’re coming from…:cry:

Finally, someone who has mastered the present particle. 2 years in a dingy, you had better be.

The first person to go around the world was probably a Philipino known by the name of “Thin Bob” or something (I forget). He had previously headed west and somehow ended up on Magellan’s voyage (most of the original crew didn’t make it all the way, including Magellan). When they got as far as the Philipines, Thin Bob seemed to be able to speak the language so it was presumed he came from there. So he became the first person to circumnavigate the world, starting from the Philippines.

Thin Bob. Fat chance.

What about that kid who sailed around the world by himself in a 14 footer and took five years doing it? Ended up married and an article in National Geographic (thats where I read bout it).

I thought that was very adventurous. Check out these clips of ships (big ones too) out in open waters. And think what its like with a small sailboat?

They never did find any trace of that sailboat lost near Taiwan last summer did they? Bet those waves were beyond humongous.

heres what its like out in open waters (or could be)

Tommy, you’re such a knob. Sailing is the one with big flaggy things stuck on top of the boat. Your vids are all motorboats, which deserve all the bad things that happen to them.

Sailing is much cooler and more pleasant. Smaller boats go up and down big waves instead of getting thrown around. Unless they are designed for ‘wave-piercing’ instead. And using the wind means that you’re working with nature instead of against it. That’s the theory, anyway.

Wave-piercing in action. See, it’s fun!
The wind is your friend.
Riding the big waves. I spent a couple of days in conditions like this a few years back, and it was brilliant. There isn’t much to compare to driving a big boat over a big sea with gigatons of wind in the sails, except for doing it at night, of course. :smiling_imp:

Man thats pretty awesome. There must be a reason im not out there doing that? Maybe its cuz I would be shit scared?? :smiley:

And now, all you have are the bitter memories and a “Hello Sailor” tattoo.
Thank you MT for helping us understand where you’re coming from…:cry:[/quote]

Not me, my tenant. His dad came to our house, laid out the charts on the dining room table, and showed us the 3 year-itinerary. I thought it looked awesome. I told him so. I would have loved to have gone (despite the very small boat), but I wasn’t invited. My roommate/tenant was. His dad had been trying for years to get him to go along. He finally got him to sign up, but the kid then bailed out. It wasn’t so surprising though, because on land the kid spent an inordinate amount of time bathing, blow drying, preening, applying aftershave, etc., and I understand the toilette is slightly less luxurious on the open sea (and there’s no escaping a partner with whom one shares the very close accomodations).

Robin Lee Graham

Funnily enough, I set sail tomorrow (it is Monday already in Taiwan but still Sunday here), Monday 16th March at 15.00 UTC (7 a.m. local time) departing Ensenada with the intended first port of call being Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands, a month or so away. Myself and my wonderful female crew are looking forward to it though it is a daunting undertaking and to say I wasn’t papping myself would be untrue/

After Nuku Hiva, we’ll potter about in the South Pacific and see what happens.

Anyway, nice knowing some of you. Tigerman: if you are reading this, your temporary berth of two months ago is now home to milk crates full of onions, cabbages and potatoes.

I apologise to those I was too pre-occupied to send pictures to.

That’s it. I have been thinking about this and pretty much nothing else for years and tomorrow morning the voyage begins.



Sounds like a really good plan to wait out the recession. Good luck BroonAle!

[quote=“BroonAle”]Funnily enough, I set sail tomorrow …


:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Live the dream. You probably won’t read this until you arrive safely at the other end of the Pacific, but bon voyage anyway. And try not to hit anything. That would be really embarassing. :sunglasses:

Female crew? Surely you jest?

Fantastic. Have a great journey Broono de Gama. :notworthy:

We’ll be thinking of you from our cubicles.

(“female crew” = dog? parrot?)

He’s taking his blow-up dollie with him.