Sailing Club

Due to the inadequacy of the sailing opportunities here, and the changes being made by the gov’t to the legislation etc., the time is right to discuss establishing a club. The small boat scene is doing OK, but for anyone interested in sailing real boats - 30-foot plus - it’s a bloody nightmare.

I’m planning to get together with a bunch of interested foreigners this week, with the intention of formulating an outline plan that will eventually become a proposal to take to the relevant bigwigs. They’re all foreign because the few Taiwanese who have an interest are mostly part of the shambles that we have now.

The government is apparently keen to develop tourist facilities along the coast. A yacht club is not part of that plan at the moment, because there is no perceived need for it. If enough people step forward with enough of a commitment then now is a good time to get those plans revised.

We have the support of the architect tasked with the redevelopment of the north coast ports. We have a few boats available (but not even in the water at the moment) and several people wanting to bring more here. We have the possibility of commercial sponsorship from a large company that is looking for something to spend its advertising budget on. What we need is a critical mass of people to make it all happen.

So, if you have an interest and some relevant experience, stand up and be counted. What else are you going to do with your free time if not hang around at the club, drinking rum, and telling tall tales about what a great sailor you are? BBQing on deck, maybe?